Good addon manager

WowUp has stopped providing updates. I’ve been forced to go back to CurseForge. Now this program has gotten even worse in the past couple years than when I stopped using it. Difficulty updating addons, difficulty even loading in the first place… difficulty loading addons in game… difficulty looking at new addodns to download through the interface, and even more issues.

Please for the love of god, PLEASE tell me there’s something better out there. Any recommendations? This CurseForge program is absolute and utter garbage. I’d rather manually update my addons than use this POS.

I’ve reinstalled it twice. It just doesn’t work.

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I’m not having any problem with WoWUp at all.

There are a number of addons that are on Curseforge that I use, but they’re also distributed (probably very quietly) through other sites. Details! is one - I get updates on that every time I get the warning in the game that I’m out of date.

The mainstream addons - the ones you really need for raiding and M+ - are still available and still working.

There have been some structural changes to WoWUp as well - many improvements to the app itself.

I’d give it another shot.

I agree with you about CurseForge, more from a developer’s POV than a user’s, as their support is abysmal. By policy they support the USERS 24/7 but the devs (the people who provide the product they’re using to drive ad revenue) 8/5 and then only when they feel like it. I had minor updates that took a week to post and got no answer from their customer service other than “go to the forums” where I got either silence or derision from fanboys there.

CF/OW hasn’t implimented it’s “policy change” yet so WoWUp and others should still work for the time being.

After that, it will depend if anyone is still interested in toeing the OW line keep a channel to CF open for their downloader (seemingly most are not interested).

I think Overwolf has finally pulled the API access. I use Cursebreaker and it’s finally stopped being able to “parse addon data” which makes sense as May 1st is the start of the 2nd quarter of the year and was when Overwolf was projected to revoke access to the CurseForge API.

Maybe I missed it. My downloader certainly worked this morning (my time) on CF only addons.

Yeah I just tried it again and it worked for me, so I’m not sure what’s up.

Disable CurseV2 under Options > Addons and you’ll stop getting errors.

But are the addons up to date in Wowup?

The addons don’t reside in WoWup, they reside on websites. WoWup copies them from the websites to your computer and replaces the old version.

If a webite closes its avenue of access (which is what OverWolf is intending to do with CurseForge) then the manager can’t copy newer versions.

Which websites are up-to-date or have a particular addon is up to the addon author.

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I get warnings from a few addons when they’re out of date based on inter-player communication about what version is currently in play.

DBM, Details!, ElvUI to name three.

I go to WoWUp and update and those warnings go away.

I have to assume that WoWUp has access to current versions.

I know of at least three repositories they use.

It’s actually MORE useful than CurseForge because CF doesn’t pick up base ElvUI updates (for instance).

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Addons can contain a file that has the WoW version number they are compatible with.

Addon developers are aware of the “load out of date Addons” button.
If the only thing that needs to be changed for a new addon release is the WoW version number, many developers will not bother to update it.

A webs site hosting the addon, may or may not update the version compatibility number.

The main issue with wowup is that I need to close the program and relaunch it every now and again to maintain content updates.

As off 1 hour ago, when I went to update my addons using WowUp, I got an update for the addon manager itself. Once done, I selected rescan, and guess what? ALL my addons except for Vuhdo were grayed out and unavailable for updates.

So all my addons are still valid as of yesterday’s update I did, but not now. I am looking for an alternative now and would appreciate some feedback.

I will NOT use CurseForge or OverWolf…period.

However, someone in my guild suggested Minion. Not familiar with it so I’ll add this here and hope someone has some knowledge on it.


The Curse/OW v1 API has been turned off. Minion may only do addons on WoWInterface (I haven’t checked). WoWUp can use other hosts as well (WoWI, Wago etc.)

Unfortunately, ALL my addons that I used WowUp for updating STOPPED working today. The only addon it was allowed to update was my Vuhdo. None of the others I had installed were able to be updated. The WowUP page showed them as inactive.

I updated everything yesterday just fine, but today when I went to double check my addons before raid tonight were inactive.

So I’m stuck with only Vuhdo currently updated today, but all my others were not. They apparently were blocked because of CurseForge blocking access.

On WoWUP, click the 3 vertical dots (top right) and select Re-Scan Folders. That should get it to check for new locations for the addons.

Not all will get re-directions to new sites

New sites may not have addons as up-to-date as Curse because authors may have centralised their host at some time to just Curse.

Ok, I shall try that. Appreciate the tip

That worked for only a very small portion of those I use…at least for now. However, over 75% of those I use show as being ignored.

That included my damage meter, Big/little Wiggs, ErrorFilter, Greenwall for my guild chat, mutesound(s), etc. This also includes the majority of HandyNotes (although Shadowlands HandyNotes is actually updated).

It will be interesting to see how these change going into the this week.

The new WoWUp update (just landed in the last couple of minutes) includes a re-scan once installed.

Yes I know I got that but still 75% of my addons are still being ignored.

It will depend if authors start also hosting on on other sites or you can find somewhere that WoWUp can use.