Gold's no Object: Patched

You’re late to the party. It was hotfixed within a couple of hours the day it was launched. People haven’t been talking about it for a while now.


Yeah they really need to learn how to increase PR. A simple hotfix update should have been done. They have the time to post about “the great push” and get memed.

Come on. Post something like this and get some praise.

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“People overreacted to something being completely broken and unable to be finished without Blizzard intervening due to the outrage”. Sure bub.

The whining is what lit a fire under Blizzard’s rear to get it fixed.


People were irritated about the quest because of how badly it was programmed considering the content had been in development for over eight months. Let’s not play dumb and act like the people that were pissed about the quest were just being dolorous. It got fixed and the complaints went away. You’re practically gaslighting.


Odd I had no issue last week when it first showed up


It was announced in the Patch Notes on July 2nd.


Seriously. OP should be thanking the players whining just as much as they should be thanking Blizzard for quickly fixing a bad quest.


I honestly didn’t know it was fixed until this morning when I saw a streamer doing the quest and commenting about how bad it was the first time the quest came around.

I’m glad I found out, though, because I was liable to just not take it when I saw it.

i see thank you

I’m happy players reported the problem. That’s a good effort on the part of the players.

But all the whining posts saying that Blizzard is a dead company that hates its players makes my eyes roll :roll_eyes:

It got fixed immediately, and the GD hivemind went on to find more reasons Blizzard clearly “hates us” and wants to kill WoW.

Uh…yeah no.

You’re comparing ONE quest being hotfixed immediately to the larger concerns which WoW players have.

That’s a big yikes and your post is not going to end well LOL

this is a really silly take.

of course no one is talking about it anymore. blizzard fixed the problem.

would you be happy if we were all still complaining about a quest that has already been fixed?


I wasn’t planning on doing it last week when it came up but I took it any way and when I got on later that night I didn’t have any problems completing it. That was probably after they fixed it from the way some of the other posts on here read.

Having concerns: = Good, Reasonable, great for the health of the game.

Constant doomsaying: = Worthless, Annoying, Pointless.

No, I’m just saying that any time there’s a buggy quest, maybe we shouldn’t get people saying that the game is dead, and they’re quitting because Blizzard doesn’t care.



And tell me are you one of the well informed posters who knows that this doomsaying and anger came because of ignored feedback all the way from BFA?

Or are you one of them “LOL just give constructive feedback bro” meme posters who just stick their head in the sand not considering WHY players are angry and just copy paste that?

So I will say this, on the topic of doomsayers, or on the topic of people talking about a minor part of the game indicating the game is dead, dying, etc.

That is hyperbole, people post things that are fueled by their emotion, so for me personally it’s easier to look past the emotionally charged discourse and try to focus on the actual issue at hand.

Fixating on the doomsaying, especially when people are laying it on thick, only distracts from the topic at hand. And it doesn’t do you any good either, because unfortunately that kind of stuff isn’t going to go away, ever.

Settle down drama llama. It was merely inconvenient to finish not “completely broken”.

Pssst. Don’t tell them that all four dailies are in almost the same spot so it’s super easy today. They might figure it out and never do it again.

then maybe you should have said that :woman_shrugging:


I’ve been giving feedback since BFA. Not all of it gets through, there are some genuinely bad decisions in this games design.

I’m just not going to throw a temper tantrum over a buggy quest.

Do I need to repeat myself?

Voicing your concerns for the game and complaining about bad design is good for the health of the game.

But 100 posts about how blizzard hates its community because there was a buggy quest for a few hours is not.

This is very true. The Doomsayers are mostly limited to these forums, and do not represent the game community as a whole.

I just find it hilarious how quickly people will jump to conclusions over a buggy quest that was fixed within a few hours.