Golden Chirper

Just as a FYI, the Chirper is a new wild pet added in 8.3 it’s only available during Mogu assaults in the Vale. So you have now until weekly reset to capture one or otherwise wait a couple weeks.

It has about a dozen set spawn places and one is always up at any given time. A target macro comes in very handy.


thanks for the heads up

Thank you, I just went out and snagged one. :slight_smile:

Thanks from me too.
It took a while to find, but while searching I found a Voidglower and Voidskimmer too.

hey thanks too from the ole bankderp. Picked up those 3 pets in 10 mins thanks to the OP. Damn those stupid worm things are painful though - what gave buzzard the idea a worm just “slows” you down. Braindead developers.

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Caught mine during the Black Empire assault back at the first week of assaults, the new wild pets don’t take any notice of who is assaulting, they’re always available. Same for the 2 new ones in Uldum.

Lets say you’re searching for the Golden Chirper but you don’t see one on the tracking map. Could it be because it’s one of the two hidden wild pets that join the battle when it starts?

I’ve begun dozens of pet battles in Uldum in the last few days. All the Golden Chirpers I found were front pets, rare, and showed on the map.

If you are not seeing any it might be worth while searching around 4 am realm time or getting an invite to a low population realm.

Does anyone else have this pet yet? I’ve been searching Vale of Eternal Blossoms since the 8.3 patch and I haven’t seen it.

I’ve been lucky with the other new 8.3 pets, i have an Oasis Void Duster and a few Void Scarred pets (Beetle, Hare, Locust, Rat) but cannot get a Golden Chirper.

I found mine by looking up the known spawn points and flying around using a targeting macro. The macro was key for me, because the chirper was in a spot I would never have looked otherwise.

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Thanks Midgit, when and where did you get it? Was it in Uldum? I also use a targeting macro but no luck yet.

I just found mine (rare P/P) by using a /tar macro as I was passing by the Golden Pagoda area of the Vale during the current assault.

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I got mine in the Vale, possibly near the Golden Pagoda. It was up on top of a tall hill. I think it may only be in the Vale, but don’t hold me to that. :slight_smile: