<Gold Standard>

Alliance | NA-PvP | Anathema

We consider ourselves a semi-hardcore raid group.
We strive to out-perform other guilds on our server.
At the same time, we balance that with a casual, low-stress environment.

2x 10/10 Molten Core
2x 8/8 Blackwing Lair
We split 50% of World Bosses with another Guild
We leverage this alliance to deny World Boss kills to the Horde

Raid Schedule
Monday 9 PM EST - Molten Core
Wednesday 10 PM EST - Molten Core
Thursday 9 PM EST - Blackwing Lair
Sunday 8 PM EST - Blackwing Lair

Recruitment is currently open for ALL roles
We expect consistent attendance
We do not tolerate drama
We value positive attitudes above all other qualities
Basic Consumables are expected
World Buffs are required for some, but not all runs.

We use an EPGP loot system

Contact Grimy#3720 (aka Gaskan) on Discord discord.gg/WzrVYnx


Pippums#4095 on Discord discord.gg/GxsFT8W

Gold Standard, woot!