Gold Making For Bear Tanks?

Hey guys was just wondering if there are any gold making strats for bears. preferably anything that isn’t in the open world as I’m on a high pop server and there is too much competition at all hours of the day. Also i don’t fancy selling my tanking services. never know what to charge and don’t want the stress of having to perform perfect every time because I’m being paid.

Roll a mage.


Druids aren’t great for gold farming. Be a responsible citizen of Azeroth and level a character for gold farming. Mage or hunter are probably the best two options.

I went with hunter. The DMT solo runs are delicious. Very good gold per hour plus you get all the mana pots and large brilliant shards for mana oils that you’ll ever need. You’re a tanking druid so I guess that’s not as important, but still. Good stuff.

I actually just hit my 1000th DMT solo run on my hunter last night. Hooray me!

Just use the cat stealth to farm herbs in DME.


Had herb and enchanting when I first hit cap. Made my mount money farming small radiant shards and grave moss in RFD. Dropped herb for engineering once I got my mount. Shards have probably only gone up in price and with naxx on the horizon grave moss will be worth quite a bit. Groupwise I make not awful money doing scholo, but my primary reason for doing that is dark runes and slowly creeping toward exalted.

Need to know your current professions to provide some context.

You don’t want to selling tanking services. Well, you could try offering boosts. Not for Deadmines or Stockages. But players often want to complete quests for other instances like BFD, RFD, RFK. You could probably sell runs through ‘less popular’ instances – two or three gold a head.

My opinion is everyone should have a mage. When it comes to gold farming there really isn’t a lot of options for any class that compares to a mage. Yeah sure you have to put in a few days of /played to get your mage from 1 to 60. But the time spent will be a drop in the bucket compared to the gold you can farm selling mara or zg or Sm boosts.

If you are against making the best gold per hour, and want to keep with your Druid and not use herbing or mining, I’d say farm elemental earth in Maraudon.

A thousand? Holy cripes.

You can sell bear puns in stormwind. I had a mage pay me 10g for one. :joy:

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Check your server values for devilsaur leather and sets. It takes me about 3.5-4 hours to farm all the mats for a complete set on my bear druid. and on Benediction horde side the set was selling for about 135-145 a few weeks ago when I did it last. It’s not massive money but it’s not horrible either. You’ll get a few stacks of thick leather and decent drops off the gorillas in ungoro if you farm your rugged leather in the cave to help boost the total profit. Prices are dropping though so this may not be a great suggestion.

I’m a Lotus farmer on my med pop PVE server. I sometimes spruce it up if I’m on early enough and farm Plaguebloom if I get bored. Combine that with the occasional chipping away at Wintersaber rep and I never lack gold or raid consumables.

I farm ZF and make decent money. Just have to get lucky wit BoE blues. I just ignore the boss that summons lizards but kill everything else.

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Run SFK and sell the BoE blues that drop. There are some twinking items in there.

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Ha. Yeah I’ve made a few gold in my day.

Sure there are, but they are very rare. SFK is my favorite instance to farm, and I have yet to have a Shadowfang or Assassin’s Blade drop, and I’ve farmed it A LOT!

Have you tried holding your mouse differently? :smiley:

While you are farming pummelers, kill the arcano machines. They have the highest drop chance for fused wiring.

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you can herb plaguebloom and hope you can get a lotus past one of those gold farmers that have as much rights as we do :smiley:

Specifically those runs are done by FROST Mages, with the right selection of talents and the right armor, trinkets, potions, and other special effects. All these things get used in an SM or Mara solo boost run, which involves kiting hundreds of lower-level-than-you mobs.

I have a level 44 Mage and like AOE, but I hate kiting. I have always hated kiting in WoW, for 15 years. So “power-leveling in ZF” and “doing boost runs” aren’t good options for me. But if you like that stuff, it’s good.

do bear dances for tips? get a healing set and sell your heals for gold each healing touch 2 g each renew 5 g each innervate 50 g… you’ll be rich in no time. let people die to prove a point! your heals have monetary value!