Gold Cap TBC


I wanted to know if there is going to be a gold cap if i decide to play TBC and not a ERA realm server.

I was saving a lot of gold for the arrival of TBC and I would not like to know now that I will not be able to pass that gold to that expansion.

It’s higher than any human should have to worry about

You don’t understand how it works. Blizzard is copying your toons to both servers. All you do is pick which era you want to play. You aren’t transferring or anything.

Check out this thread for clone information:

Ok, I explained myself wrong.

The question is whether they will let me copy my character with all his gold.

Again you’re not copying. Read my post that has ALL the clone information. Blizzard is not touching your gold. You need to read the post so you understand how it works.

“Gold is included in inventory. When you activate your vanilla clone it will have the same amount of gold you had on may 18th. They are not capping gold.”

Ok, so I have nothing to worry about.

Thank you for your answer.

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Yes. If you want to know how it’s going to work watch the video on that post. He explains it well.

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