Going to leave this here for reference

Straight hyperbole; I hear lemon is good on poultry.

and people will wait in those queues because only a few realms have the bonus incentive of everybody’s playing on them.

people can be like “oh yeah, all the realms are full so it doesn’t matter”, but some realms will be 10x fuller than other realms.

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Theres probably only two servers for US.


When you make a mistake and are forced to acknowledge it humbly.

That’s not going to happen.

Yuck. Think of the parasites and diseases.

Bookmarking this. See you after launch!

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Crows are friendly and intelligent individuals. They recognize faces and remember you. If you’re kind to them, they’ll befriend you and even bring you shiny presents sometimes!

Please don’t eat our crow friends!

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There’s no way in he double hockey sticks that Blizzard would allow this. Sitting there telling a paying customer “too bad” is what they’re trying to avoid with layering at the very least. Major difference between server issues not allowing logins vs. them just not caring about queues.

You’ll be eating lots of crow. Better go catch a few.

layers encourage longer queues, so they’re pretty fine with it considering we got layers

You should be getting some crow ready too. :wink:

While I do hope the queues aren’t that long, I would really prefer not to be eaten. Can we just settle with a burger or something?


That’s exactly what they are doing and why this Topic is here.

I disagree, they’re doing the opposite, opening a new server and keeping communication with what’s going on. No one has invested any sort of time in a new character, no guilds are formed in game, anyone can move to a new server to lessen queues if they want.

I don’t know about 12+ hours, but they will be brutal for certain on Herod and probably Whitemane. Issuing a blue warning about queues on those servers is pretty telling. I wouldn’t expect more than 1-2 hours on most of the other servers.

Let’s not forget that layering allows for maybe 5x the capacity of vanilla servers, so

12 x 5 = 60

It’s more like 60 servers which should be well enough to handle the Classic population.

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So many people post like they can tell the future. I don’t know if they’re just trolling, or they’re used to looking for the negative, before the event even occurs. And they’re sure of it too, like it’s physics.

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your undead I bet you like to eat crows.

Guess people don’t want to acknowledge that what is happening is by design. They have planned to announce que potentials all along.

Don’t want a que. Move to a different server. There’s plenty of notice.


The crow didnt do anything wrong. you should eat your foot.