Going to Come Here for IC Leveling and Casual Game Play; RP guild listing?

I’m debating whether I’m committing Horde or Alliance here, and the defining feature is probably what sort of RP community I would be able to join.

I’m specifically interested in RP focused around Kaldorei, Tauren, or maybe Forsaken. Orrr maybe Dwarves. As you can see, this is a mix of factions;

Is there an RP guild listing anywhere that would help me determine my chance of success in finding a community to join for one of these four groups?

Hey Falconfury - let me extend an early welcome aboard Deviate Delight to you! I will do what I can to summarize the most active RP guilds on both factions.

Others will no doubt follow suit, proving once again DD RPers are some of the most welcoming Classic players out there.

Short list follows:

For the Kaldorei, you have <Vengeance of Elune>, a top-notch raiding/RP guild with many active members.

For Dwarves, <Winterforge Clan> is your best bet. Another great group of folks, all-dwarf/gnome guild with good opportunities to raid, RP, and PvP.

On the horde side, should you decide to roll Tauren, look to the <Thunderhoof Tribe>. Great RP group, highly active in server events and fun shenanigans.

Though I don’t have a whole lot of experience with them (apart from many fun world PvP encounters with my Keepers), <Landlubbers> seem like a good bunch. They do events horde-side, and I see them around quite a bit.

Last but not least, the <Keepers of Stromgarde> are always happy to interview new soldiers, and we have a small but tight-knit roster of folks holding the line against the horde.


Welcome to DD! If you end up rolling a dwarf, I have had a fantastic time in the Winterforge Clan, I highly recommend it!

The RP guild list on the forums is hopelessly out of date. A lot of the guilds on it no longer exist and the contacts are outdated. I wouldn’t use it, but your best bet for each race is listed above. I believe there is also a forsaken guild called order of the forsaken


Sounds like there’s one guild option for each of my interests, hah!

I’ll try to look up these guilds and go from there. Thanks!


Mo’kra elfson!

The Thunderhoof is an honourable tribe to be a part. Rommash is proud of them as they’re the Rager’s brother in arms.


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Yes, contact Skullcap for The Order of The Forsaken

You and I must have played at different times on The Venture Co. (RP/PVP), but back in the early years of the server Keepers and Thunderhoof (through the coalition of The DreadHorde) were honorable enemies and engaged in a lot WPVP and RP. KoS gave me many good memories.

Thanks for the good words, and I certainly can and will say the same thing for the Keepers–solid organization.

And the most noble Rommash runs an Orc military guild by the name of Burning Rage Clan. Good orcish culture.

Sorry, Aovi. The second half of your quote above was supposed to be about <Landlubbers>, though apparently when you don’t bold or italicize something between < >, the text doesn’t show up at all! Just learned that…

Of course I recall our many good highland brawls!

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