Going in early

(Lüx) #3

I’m usually the opposite, finally making my way into the dungeon when all the quests are already green. I don’t do it on purpose, but it always seems to work out that way.

(Kolben) #4

Same, and as I intent to tank everyone of them I can it just works better for me I find.


I’m going to role a healer so I like to be at least the end boss level before I hit the dungeon. That said after my main is leveled it’s fun to send a little gear to an alt and hit them at a lower level for fun but going into Deadmines in mostly white gear would be a challenge not sure it would be fun.

(Skjaldbjorn) #6

I wait until I have all quests, and only run them once. I level fast enough that farming low level gear is a waste of time. I skip a lot of the lower level dungeons. Basically I do DM, stockades, gnomer, SM(try to join group that does lib/arm/cath in one go), uldaman, zf, Mara, and ST. Mara is the only one I will run multiple times, and only if I still need the bis items that drop there.

When I go depends on what I’m playing. If I’m healing I will go as soon as I get all the quests. If I’m tanking I wait until I’m a bit higher level.


I get the quests that are either A: easy to get B: have worthwhile rewards and then run the dungeon once if there are enough people at my level.

I will likely be quite a bit ahead the pack because I have massive amounts of time to play.

(Padrepwn) #10

Oh yes. Gotta get ahead of the gear curve a bit. No sense struggling just to struggle. Also there are some nice dungeon quests with decent gear. So as long as you pull them off you’re guaranteed a bit of loot and a power boost. Some stuff lasts for a good 10 levels. Sometimes more. Then there is the social dynamic of finding people to group with, help out, and build some community with. So to me it’s going to be worth it. Especially on pvp servers where the wpvp gankage slows down leveling to a point that running dungeons to level is more efficient. Lol.
Also getting that gear can be the difference in destroying those scrubs to quest in relative peace. Muhahahaha
However. If you get ahead of the pack on fresh launch it may be for naught. Then again being quite a few levels above a dungeon and going back to it could help pull a group through a bit.
Good gawd so many possibilities. Let’s do this blizz!

(Gorwarth) #11

For me it depends on the dungeon, I am gonna try to level ahead of the pack abit, then make friends and join guild from there.


I have a group of 7 others that will be playing classic with me, so I’ll be tank, we will have a Druid, priest, 2 rogues and a shaman/paladin depending what we roll. I’m very excited to be running all the dungeons as soon as we can. I’ll be tanking as a warrior.

Last time we all played vanilla we were all on the same server but in different guilds and leveled at different times. This time we will create our own raiding guild as well. We ran a successful legion guild and will pull a lot of those players as well. Really excited


Too OCD to get into a dungeon without having all, or at least the more important, quests.

That being said, when you have a good network of friends, you usually don’t need to worry about it seeing as you can easily re-run the dungeon a few times, but for the average person, it’ll be a one-and-done type of deal with most dungeons or at least at the WC/RFC level.

(Michaelsog) #14

Dungeons would only slow down my lvling pace since I am looking to hit 60 in the first week. On my alts tho for sure.


Hitting 60 on a fresh server in under 7 days /played is not an easy feat.
And you are obviously aiming to hit 60 during the first IRL week which is just madness.

You are going to be massively sleep deprived even if you somehow manage to succeed :smiley:

(Michaelsog) #16

7x24=168-49(hours of sleep)=119/24=4.9583 days Plenty of time to hit 60 in the first week if you grind a lot. Also playing a mage so I can Aoe grind and I have already created my own mage lvling guide.

I have hit 60 on pservers in under 4 days played. No AH, no dungeons, etc.

(Gorwarth) #17

Which dungeons do you think are worth doing XP or reward wise or are “not too much of a penalty” if you are burned out from solo questing\grinding (assuming a decent group)?

I think ZF & WC are worth doing for the ease of quest turn ins and gear advantage (for some specs). Also BRD and LBRS are probably worth doing since you will be doing them at max level to attune anyway and if you are in a raid guild will probably want a UBRS key.

There is a case to be made for maraudon thrash blade too I suppose.

(Michaelsog) #18

If Horde I would do BFD, SM, ZG if mallet, MARA, and then ST. Then str8 to 60. The low lvl gear gets replaced too fast.

(Cheater) #19

I don’t do dungeons until I am the bosses level minus 2.

This method has always been sure fire for me so I’ve stuck to it.

Except for Uldaman since he’s ?? (Boss), which is fine because Uldaman is my least liked instance of all time.


I am not doubting that you are prepared just saying that you are one mad fella.
And training on PS surely helps, also good that you have done it there in under 4 because the Classic may differ somewhat in some regards from those so you have some leeway.

(Gorwarth) #21

Then why do BFD?


Many of them are depending on what class you are playing.
For melee classes Black fathom deeps holds a massively good quest reward in the form of outlaw sabre. Wailing caverns like you mentioned is easily worth it at least for horde because of it’s ease of access and same applies to ragefire chasm.

Then shadow fang keep offers massively good loot especially for casters but also it holds some of the first good rings like seal of sylvanas which again is very nice for anyone using str and sta.

The razorfen dungeons are once again ok especially for horde but one of the greatest leveling dungeons is the scarlet monastery complex it holds a massive amount of loot at great quest rewards for both factions definitely a must do place.

Zul’farrak like you mentioned is a nice place especially if your group has the mallet available and Maraudon is easily worth it no matter what class you are lots of nice loot there that will help in the later dungeons.

BRD,LBRS are considered max level dungeons by most players and I personally recommend doing them at max level unless you have a group that knows their stuff because they can be quite daunting for inexperienced groups.

I won’t go into alliance specific dungeons because I don’t know anything about them. But here is my horde compilation

RFC : Go
WC : Go
BFD : maybe (far away best quest rewards are for melee)
Gnomeregan : Skip (if you do complete the teleporter quest to go there)
RFK : maybe
RFD : maybe
SM : Go
Uldaman: skip (good items but far away and can be tricky)
Mara : Go
Sunken : skip (far away and reaaaaaaaally slow to complete)

Obviously if you have never completed a dungeon you really should do it just for that reason. And they are more fun when level appropriate when compared to just bashing through at max level.

(Michaelsog) #23

BFD is a lvl 25-28 dungeon with good loot/rewards. That wand yo.

(Michaelsog) #24

ST is literally 1 min away from the nearest Flight Master… no idea what u r talking about. One of the best zones for a quick 2-4 lvls too 36-40. And the blasted lands just south is filled with proper lvld players for ST to make a group ezily.