Goblin Mage LF Guild

Hello! I’m looking for a guild for my goblin mage. I’m interested in roleplay, but also pve/pvp as well. Could be goblin themed, mage themed, or any other suggestions really! If anyone could point me in some directions, that would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

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Hey Veeberry! You could start by looking in a discord community for goblin RP!


And as far as guilds are concerned, we actually have a directory here listen several (but definitely not all) the recruiting guilds here on Wyrmrest Accord.

And I 'd like to encourage you to at least check out one guild in particular…

We don’t really do scheduled PvP, but we have regular Mythic+ dungeon nights and Achievement/Transmog runs. If you want to put a shot out though for someone to go into some content with like dungeons or BG’s, I’m sure you can find some interest there. Roleplay’s the overwhelming focus, though.

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Thanks for the info! I’m not sure where I’d make a good fit right now…I suppose I’ll have to take some time and meet people and play the game. Feel free to say hi in game if you see me!


Going to toss my own shameless plug here. Guild focus is pve/ rp/ very light pvp


I ended up joining The Wonderporium, but feel free to say hi if you see me around!

Np I know one of the guild masters hes a good guy.

I’m a clerk looking to help a military outfit run it’s operations with necessary bureaucracy.

Adopt me.