Goblin Event Is Great <3

It’s cosmetic so I think anyone.

@Crisswyn Yea, most of the time I get gold only, not even charms. I run a couple dungies then do the event. Over time everyone will get the rewards.

You can now and couldn’t then? What changed?

There’s nothing in place to ensure that everyone will get the rewards they want from this event. Especially, the mount. That’s what makes it frustrating.

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I couldn’t play or even log into the game at that time, I was busy IRL. I was not even home.

Alright well to show my cards here, I think everyone on the internet wants an exception for everything. Maybe your reasons were legit. But I feel like if I want something, I find a way to get it.

Last time this happened w/ a fel hawk or something. Blizz made it 100% at the end off the event. Maybe they do it this time.

I’m hoping for the town portal toy to drop, still nothing yet…assuming it actually drops.

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Portal took me the longest to get, but it’s really cool. + you can delete your hearth stone when you have hearth toys, so free bag space :slight_smile:

It’s ok, they should’ve had a vendor that can sell you the items for goblin treasure along with the goblin being able to drop it.

Been trying to get the bag on my DK and it’s been nothing but the pet or gold.


I didn’t even know what was going on in the game. Like I said I was busy IRL and by the time I learned about it; it was too late.

Ok, what am I supposed to do? Buy the mount? I’d like to, but I can’t. Farm it while the event is active? Well, I am farming it. But it’s a frustrating situation not knowing if I will be able to get it before the event ends.

Hopefully, they do. If they do this, I will not have any reasons whatsoever to get frustrated.

True. Having a bad-luck protection system in limited-time events such as this one would have been beneficial. This system would ensure that for each kill, there would be a guaranteed chance of obtaining a currency and a vendor would sell the items dropped by the Goblin. This way, even if the desired items were not dropping, players would still have the opportunity to farm and acquire the items they wanted.

I’m guessing it will go back up on either the Store or the TP within the year.

From what I’ve been told you have to kill the goblin on a toon level 40+ or you’re not going to get the drop.

I just got it. Took a while but it does drop.

I understand but you don’t know this for sure. And, I have no intention of being rude by saying this, but even if it was true, you don’t know where or when it’s going to be.

I’ve been killing it on multiple level 70 characters. Everything dropped but the mount, which is the only thing I want.

Did you try lowering the graphics until its over?

I agree but i have 85% of the rewards becasue I wasted an entire day trying to get just the mount…thats why people are upset…the mount drop is so low it can be looted for 24hrs and u still wont get it…


Yea, most people I see have everything but the mount. It’s probably so rare because it was supposed to be a thing that was gone forever. Even giving it a rare chance is fair IMO. Making it 100% wouldn’t bother me, but I can see logic behind it being ultra rare.


It’s the interactive nature of the event, without an absurd amount of upfront labor and out-of-game reading required to participate. The bar isn’t low; your idea of what’s normal is warped.

I can agree with ur assessment. IT wouldnt be very special if it was 100% dropped…I used to main a DK and just thought how cool it would be to have. however since then I play warrior so i dont even know how often id use it. I dont generally buy store mounts, Ive had family members gift me store mounts in the past though. The limited thing is whats making people try very hard lol.

I also think the treasure goblin event is awesome. Some people are complaining that it’s not fancy enough, but an easy alternative for Blizzard would have been to simply do nothing.