Goblin Event Is Great <3

I’ve never seen or done this event before, but I now have 100% of the rewards, minus a 2 hander Wirt’s Leg. I’ve been doing dungeons and other stuff with my son who is new to the game, and we have a blast hunting goblins and getting phat loots. I am not sure what the problem is with everyone… Find a goblin every 30 minutes, loot it, and do something else.

Kid thinks its the best thing ever. We even stop to go outside and grill, do some yard work, jump on the trampoline, or shoot pucks in our indoor hockey training area. No reason to get all cheesed about rewards IMO.

Good/chill/casual event and I approve. WoW needs more stuff like this. Stuff that you can skip if you want, but that is also easy and fun. OFC there will be lag, tons of people are enjoying it at once. It is what it is, but it only lags for a couple of minutes and it’s all over. You loot and move on with your day.


It’s a cool event until a goblin spawns and your computer spends 4 minutes melting down and you only find out if you even tagged the thing or not once it’s dead.


I don’t know, my PC handles it just fine. Sometimes there’s a delay in casting, but overall no real side effects. My laptop that my kid plays on is a brand new Raider, so it handles it all like nothing as well.


I haven’t managed to time this silly thing all week. The rotation/timing mechanism has been overplayed at this point and this thing needs to be more frequent in valdrakken. Plus the schedule is timed to PST time not server time which keeps screwing me over

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It’s posts like OP that make me realize now what type of people are developing this game since OP finds something spawning, covered by spell particles, and that dies in a minute…


I’m out of words for how low of a bar we’ve set for what we find good content in this game



Not everything in the game has to be a massive grind, mythic raid level challenge or w/e. It’s a simple side quest every 30 minutes that is not too time consuming so you can do other stuff.

Not sure why you’re saying a bar is low, you have done zero high level content on your account and have pretty low end gear. Seems like this event is right up your alley.

@sprawlie The event is every 30 minutes roughly. The portal comes every half hour so you don’t need a time zone or addon or anything. You can get the Weak Aura to track the zone location as well which makes it way easier to prepare for.


Wowhead has a full schedule for every single time zone. It’s easy to find out where its spawning and when if you look at that spreadsheet.


Oh, so you misunderstand what I was saying, then attack my forum alt.

I don’t need a grind, high level challenge… but calling a moment where a goblin appears and not seeing it, also having it die in under a minute, is not great… that is what I was referring to when I wrote that it is a low bar for good content. THEY DON’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING TO HAVE PEOPLE ENTERTAINED lol

Havent found any. But havent looking for any either. Too busy to do it. And most reward are meh


Nice wholesome post on a Sunday

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There’s a Weak Aura on Reddit that tells you the locations so you don’t even have to think about it. It’ll have a bar w/ a time + loc at all times.

Wish I could share it on the forums :frowning:

Yeah I know and even knowing you went as far as to armory me is creepy for something that doesn’t give you any help in your reply.

Yeah 'cause calling this ‘‘event’’ great is funny :rofl:

No, you just made yourself look creepy and made it about something it wasn’t. No one talked about high level content, or long grinds. So you just played yourself.

Oof, that hurts :rofl:
Again, justifying crappy content, and attacking me for wanting better content just makes you look silly.

Oh ya, 'cause those particles covering the goblin are gonna get me…

If the event makes you happy, good for you.


Yea, dude replying to me is sad. Tries to come at me, looks bad, then tries to just say I’m creepy for spending .5 seconds looking up their armory. ZzZzZzzZZZZZzzz. Soft people these days. All in a wholesome post that was just saying how nice the gobs event was.

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You have an opinion, so does he. Y’all need to hakuna your tatas.


I’m stealing that

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Can anyone get this or just classes that can use 2hs?

I’m happy that you are able to enjoy this event with your kid. But you gotta understand not everyone is lucky with the RNG. You said you got most rewards minus one item. Some people have just been getting gold, charms, and other duplicate items while they are farming this event religiously. It’s fun when you are getting stuff, but not so fun when you are not getting stuff, especially the things that you want to acquire.

For example, the only thing that made me care about this event is the mount, Tyrael’s Charger. And, I have over 90 kills and still haven’t got it. Some people have over 200 kills and still have not got it. It’s pretty frustrating.

Especially, considering the fact the event will end in about 3 weeks. It’s not very fun to think that you only have about 3 weeks to get items with such low drop rates, while also not knowing when or if you will get a chance at acquiring these items ever again.


It was a store mount. You could have purchased it. No RNG in sight.

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I couldn’t at the time. This is the last chance I have at getting the mount.