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(Deflux) #117

By coming here and saying it’s fine and you like it the way it is in a thread about those that like the old style better, you are pretty much saying screw you we like it better or how it is now, no and’s\if’s about it.

(Siégfriéd) #118

Where did I say im fine with it all? I said im fine with my spec and protadin. That is all. You are the ones that want to cry that because someone is fine with theirs they obviously are ok with everything.

I just said i don’t want another full all class redesign because its another dice roll and all specs have a high chance of being equally boned.

I never once said don’t fix the classes that are crap now did I? Again don’t read between lines if you can’t read the words on the lines.

(Deflux) #119

So you come into a thread where we hate the current class design and someone spouts how much they like it and you expect to be popular?

(Siégfriéd) #120

I don’t care about popularity, this isn’t HS, though shows me where your mindset is…
I expressed my feeling on my specs, and agreed with the person you argued with. Theres nothing wrong with expressing my opinion, to your opinion or not. I like how Blood DK are (even with nerf) and I like where protadins are. They are my main classes and feel they do their tank job well. Am I not allowed to state my feelings like apparently you are?

(Siégfriéd) #121

You just need to grow up a bit, learn that just because someone likes where they are doesn’t mean they automatically think everything is fine, and learn that there are degrees of opinion and not just red vs blue or right vs wrong. FFS its like you ARE in HS.

(Deflux) #122

you’re allowed but you seem to be surprised or shock when people don’t agree with you…

*I think the current class design all around is crap, and those that like it are a determent to those what want to back the way it was.

(Siégfriéd) #123

Im stating my point. Assuming emotion that “shocked” because you want to infer it is just asinine. Much like how you assume because I like where two classes are I like everything else too…

I simply stated that its perfectly fine for someone to only think in context of their characters because they pay their subscription cost and they are ok with how their class is. There is nothing wrong with someone only caring about something in so much as however it impacts them.

*I think the current class design all around is crap, and those that like it are a determent to those what want to back the way it was.

And what about those that ARE ok with it? IF you get their change and they don’t like it, you going to then be a bleeding heart for their stances? There isn’t a win/win here and why should your opinion weigh more than theirs. You pay the same sub cost. You feel it was better or could be better , they are fine now. Why should you get your way and they be screwed any more than vicevers

(Deflux) #124

By saying you’re perfectly fine with the way it is now is flat out a slap to those that liked it before, those that like it now do so on the corpse of the fun that the others had.

(Siégfriéd) #125

And you saying you want it changed is a slap to the people that are ok with it now. Again, show me where your (or their) opinion should count more than theirs…

(Deflux) #126

I believe the words you’re looking for is changed back to how it was… to begin with.

(Siégfriéd) #127

And maybe they didn’t like it before? So now they like it, and you don’t. Still same situation. Why are you more important than them huh?

(Deflux) #128

Then why would they have played it then if they didn’t like it before, or even been here… or are you saying new players with less invested in the game should have more say?

(Sinfel) #129

I always find it funny when classes other than warlocks complain about prunning. Like you have no idea the pain we went through.

My lock had so many things removed it would take an hour to list everything.

They were truly gutted. Probably the only class that can really say that.

(Reesespieces) #130

Warriors say hello.

(Deflux) #131

I played a Ranged Survival hunter my entire spec was pruned…

(Siégfriéd) #132

No I am asking you why should your opinion matter more than the people that like the way it is now. Because you were here first? Vanilla players then have the highest sway. What if they did play in legion and didn’t like it, but now do? You act because it was a way once before, that it can’t possilbly be liked by someone now and if they do then they don’t matter.

(Sinfel) #133

As was our demo spec.

And every single thing that made the other specs fun.

(Sinfel) #134

Not nearly as bad.

(Deflux) #135

Here first, more time and emotional time invested, guessing more money invested for sub time too.

They can like it all they want but again they are liking something that they got at the expense of someone else’s fun.

(Reesespieces) #136

Once you factor in glyphs, talents, etc. Yeah, we did.

Regardless, there’s no point in the pissing contest of “who has it worse.” Everyone got screwed, that’s why I made this thread.