Go back to wod shadow design?

With insanity and voidform it feels like the class is a balancing nightmare and it feels like we could just go back to shadow orbs and being a builder spender with lots of procs and the gameplay would largely be the same but easier to balance. Most people want the gameplay that that version of shadow had anyway, bigger and more meaningful mindblast, devouring plague and dots. Using that core as a starting point it seems like you could make a much more dynamic spec rather than the voidform or bust gameplay we have now. Or am i wrong?




I mean it would come with all the old problems that WoD shadow had and they wouldn’t get taken to any M+ for it, and raid participation would heavily rely on the harder bosses not having burst phases.

It’s not remotely a balancing nightmare.

Delete PI, voidform becomes a 1 min cd. Psychic Link made baseline so mindblast cleaves by default. Voidbolt should cleave by default and benefit from all talents affecting Mindblast.

Void Torrent can pulse damage around the target. and extend the time of DoT’s and voidform while it channels.

Shadow Crash applies VT and SWP by default.

Searing Nightmare usable without requiring channeling of Mindsear.

Voila, shadow priest fixed.

All the damage from PI can be baked back into dots, Voidform can give 10-15% haste every 1 min and allow casting while moving.

There is nothing wrong with voidform.

The problem is PI, it’s too big a damage cd, and it sucks the life out of everything else, especially since it does not align with Void Eruption naturally.

Hell no. I look too cool on voidform. Its what i love the most on my priest…


That there is nothing wrong with void form ? hahaha it shows how wrong you are and it shows you don’t play shadow priest at all. All the problems we have right now is due to void form not PI, in fact we had PI in MoP and WoD and it wasn’t the problem.


im largely ok with that.

im cool with keeping PI now that twins is easier to obtain and use.

id say line PI and Voidform up as far as cd’s go so we dont have to awkwardly wait to use either of them.

and id just delete void bolt tbh

this is assuming we keep voidform. i started the #removevoidform riot and will always be #removevoidform


Looks like we are gonna get some semblance of what I initially posted, hopefully the new shadow orb line does not disappoint when it gets implemented. Overall i am very happy with the new tree for shadow specifically.

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Move dp to damnations slot and make it require shadow orbs to unlock. Dp now costs 3 orbs and has its missing 400% spell power returned. Void torrent replaces DP as a single target insanity spender.

There would have to be a MASSIVE reason to hit Void Torrent button because it roots you and opens you up to be spell locked and prevents using procs for instant cast Mind Blast or Mind Spike.

Honestly, if Void Torrent became the primary spender, I would probably never use it because of the risk attached to it.


Having a talent that made Devouring Plague consume Shadow orbs for giga damage would be interesting. In that sense, it would act like a Rogues Finisher in that it requires energy (insanity) and combo points (Shadow Orbs).

In that world… I would say just remove insanity outright lol. I mean if we are going that far already lol. Insanity is just a bad resource.

Should go back to using Mana and then Shadow Orbs for Giga damage. Giga damage with Mind Blast, Mind Spike, Devouring Plague all costing mana… but if you have orbs, they consume all orbs and do giga damage on top.

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I just want dp to feel like it has done weight again. It was 264% sp followed by 264% sp over 6 seconds. It was brought back at 50% sp followed by 85% so over 6 seconds. That’s the reason that pressing dp is so unsatisfying. It was a combo finisher and now it’s a maintenance buff.

Even if the damage was brought back into it. It does not play well in the sense of needing to spend insanity on if you capped but your in the middle of a Mind Spike Burst window.

At that point your like… uhhh just cast DP for instant damage and then rip off the DOT portion with Mind Spike.

But if they all costed mana and Shadow Orbs amped them ALL up. Then you would just keep using Mind Spike and wait to use DP when you shift back into DOT play.

If dp did real damage, you’d weave a flay into your spike burst to let it tick.

Yea I am not following that at all.

Sure if you got Mind Spike Procs. But f your hard casting Mind Spike… Why would you stop to then use Mind Flay?

Or are you saying that while DP is doing its DOT damage, you just use Mind Flay until DP DOT finishes.

Yea I guess that can work. I dunno, I would have to play test that out and get a feel for it. It seems awkward, but maybe it wont be. Again, testing would give me a proper answer.

It would play like dot weaving did with CoP. The dp with flat would outdamage mind spike spam so you would dp, vt, flay even during a spike burst.

Again, I am not opposed to DOT Weaving as I enjoyed it. But I don’t think that is a common take on that style of play lol.

But I think we can agree that DP needs to be WORTH pressing.

The damage and it being tied to insanity cost while Mind Spike can rip the dot portion off creates a problem that needs to be addressed in some form.

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