Gnomish and Goblin Engineering Exclusive Pets


I’m hoping this is a bug, but would love for Blizz to confirm against the reference client.

I took Goblin engineering first and did the Goblin membership renewal (Gadgetzan) until I got my Pet Bombling recipe, yey!

I then unlearned engineering, leveled it again, and used the book in Tanaris to switch to Gnomish engineering.

I went to Booty Bay to begin the Gnomish membership renewal to hunt for the Lil’ Smoky recipe, but the renewal quest was not there, nor the pre renewal quest.

I went back to Gadgetzan and confirmed I can still do the renewal quest for Goblin, even though I’m now a Gnome specialization!

Please confirm if this is intended or a bug. I’d love to know if the membership quest is intended to reset when the book is used to swap specializations.

Edit for future readers: Yes you can switch specialization and get the pet recipe from both renewals! You will have to wait out the 14 day renewal period to get the quest of the other specialization you switch to though.

Thank you!

I am experiencing this. I heard, unverified, that once 14 days /played elapses, you should be able to get the opposite quest. I got lil smoky, and now I’m looking forward to getting the pet bombling.

I’ll certainly come back in 14 days to confirm. That would actually make sense.

Played not real time :grimacing:

The 14 days would only make sense if it is based on the duration of the membership renewal letter, which is 14 days.

All timed items in your inventory tick down based on real time.

Just reporting what I heard. I hope it’s real time as well.

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Pets are exclusive and once you have earned one that’s it, I’m afraid.

Thanks for your opinion, any first hand experience in attempting this yourself?

Would love more info or feedback on your experience.

LoL. It’s not an opinion. It’s a fact. You couldn’t get both pets in Vanilla.

I haven’t tried it in Classic, but I would expect it to be the same.

Just clarifying what you experienced: you could obtain the first member renewal card quest forever?

No. You can obtain the card renewal quest for whatever your eng specialty is. If you’re Gnomish and switch to Gob, you can renew Gob and learn all the Gob schematics. BUT you won’t get the pet bombling, because you already got the Gnomish pet.

This makes no sense.

If i start with gob and get the recipe and pet, then switch to gnome and am able to get the gnome renewal quest, the gnome renewal quest will reward me with the gnome gift which has a chance at the other pattern.

What I’ve found is that when you switch specializations, you can’t get the new specialization renewal quest.

You can learn all the schematics of your new specialty, but you can’t get the pet again. IME the pet is a one-off and you’re committed to it when you select your original specialty.

Sounds interesting but what’s your proof or first hand experience? Have you tried this yourself in Classic? I wouldn’t rely on p server or your experience from Vanilla 15 years ago.

Well, since 1.13 (Classic) is a Legion port of 1.12 (last patch in Vanilla before 2.0) then I have to conclude that my experience then is as it is now.

But I’m sure you’ll find this out for yourself if you change specs. :smiley:

I’m the OP. I did change specs.

I went from Gob (with pet) to Gnome. The repeatable quest for Gob is still available. Which is odd because I’m now a Gnome specialization who can continue to renew for a Gob gift (Gadgetzan).

I’m going to wait 14 days in hopes that the quest in Booty Bay for Gnome renewal becomes available. My hope is that because I have an hidden Gob membership that the game won’t let me see Gnome spec quest lines.

As I said, you can do everything except get both pets. :frowning:

My man, when I dropped gnome engineering, after getting the lil smoky pattern from the renewal packages, I didn’t need the goblin card quest to access the goblin pats after switching. I already had access to the goblin guy. You’re not even describing how it’s currently working.

I never said I was describing how it is currently working.

I was very clear to state that in Vanilla you could not get both pets.

I guess I need a clarification then. You can’t get both pets, or you can’t get the opposite specs membership card renewal quest?