Gnome or Worgen

(Tasle) #1

I’m rerolling my troll warrior to alliance. I was wondering if anyone could show me their gnomes and worgen. I’m torn! I think the 8.2.5 worgen update looks sweet but gnomes have awesome heritage armor and also gnomes are also awesome. I don’t care about anything but aethetics because it’s the best way to increase dps


I’d say worgen for warrior, I like gnomes for casters, rogues, or hunters (with robo pets, yay)


i’d say worgen.

totally not biased


why would you go alliance


Cause horde sucks tauren balls…?


One word: GOBLIN.


(Hellscreamer) #7

You should do a kul Tiran they are the closest looking to orc


You don’t look fat, sickly pink, and diabetic to me!

(Vadimier) #9

Worgen if you don’t care about racials.

Gnomes have escape artist though, which is pretty nice in certain situations.

(Fangor) #10

No one actually takes gnome warriors seriously. They’re memes. I’d be much more concerned about a werewolf charging at me than a little garden gnome I might accidentally step on.

(Tasle) #11

Friend of mine is on alli made me betray zappy boy


That’s exactly why gnomes make excellent warriors.

Do you know how absolutely pissed people like you get when they get juked by a gnome?

Irate and red as a beet.

Totally worth it.


Don’t underestimate the gnomes. They go straight for the kneecap to bring you down to their level, then kill you before you can recover.


Gnome. I second the kneecap statement