Gnome and Tauren Mount Size Update

(Kaivax) #1

With today’s PTR update, you might notice mount size changes for gnome and tauren player characters. For a very long time, we’ve had issues that stem from gnomes and tauren riding on mounts that appear larger than intended. We’re adjusting their sizing down on normal* mounts.

This allows us to correct many art and animation bugs with these specific races when mounted, and they look better. Gnomes and tauren now look more like they should, gnomes can actually reach their reins, and tauren can fit through more doorways when mounted.

Here’s an example of how a gnome character looks when mounted-
Before the change-

And after the change-

This new tech also means that it’s now possible for us to address issues where some mounts are too small on some races. We’re looking to find examples along those lines, so please keep your feedback coming.

Thank you!

*There are a few mounts that are not considered "normal"-sized to begin with. For example, Hyena mounts are considered "small", and we’re not sizing tauren differently on small mounts at this time.

Gnome and Tauren Mount Size Update
(Abruek) #2

Don’t you dare make mounts look smaller for Tauren.


Booo. I like my Gnome looking like a small child on mounts. It adds to the flavor.

(Coleslaw) #4

I know that Hogrus looks a little goofy on some races. Hopefully this makes it feel better.


Are there a typical set of mounts that are considered small/normal/large? Like, I’m guessing mammoths and yaks are large, but is an infernal or sky golem considered normal or large? Pandaren turtles I guess are small? Some general guidelines of mount families would be helpful if we could get them (I don’t expect a complete list).


probably a little late now but the legion doggo preorder mount has looked small on everyone except gnome for a long time

(Portergauge) #7

Not a fan of this change, personally. I’ve always enjoyed that gnomes have the irony of bigger mounts. Add’s a little bit of variety to the race, and they’re going to look odd on mounts regardless.


Please fix moonkin too! I don’t know about other races but tauren moonkin have small mounts and moonkin and tauren are similar size. You can see how small moonkin mounts are by sitting on a mount in moonkin form and then unshifting. the mount will grow and its rather weird looking.


Nooo please dont do this to my poor gnomes. I love the bigger mounts


Agreed. Male Pandaren look far too big on Hogrus. Heck, they look too big on quite a few mounts.


This won’t affect things like bodies of water that mounted tauren can run through, right? It’s one of my favorite things about tauren is being massive and that’s slowly been getting nerfed, please don’t do it again. :frowning:

(Digerati) #12

This new tech also means that it’s now possible for us to address issues where some mounts are too small on some races. We’re looking to find examples along those lines, so please keep your feedback coming.

Solar Spirehawk generally clips heavily. Should be increased to the size of the Violet Spellwing (which was made bigger on creation since an artist might have noticed that issue)


Ok Im sorry Im gonna sound like a complete and horrible person but…


Considering the state yout GAME is right now. THIS… THIS… THIS!!! Is what you are working on?

Not the complete class inbalance

The fact you are bleeding subs left and right because the game is a complete joke!

The fact people are more interested in a game that has been out for 15 YEARS and it’s making more hype in a week than what your expansion has done in A WHOLE YEAR!

The fact people are considering WoD (your worse expansion in your wow history) a better expansion that BfA and BfA is still in ITS FIRST TIER CONTENT!

The complete Disaster that the azerithe system is in all regards.

But no you are worried how a Tauren and a Gnome look on a mount!

Something that has existed for YEARS

Something NO ONE CARED

Something some PEOPLE LIKED



I have no words anymore…

(Fehnris) #14

RIP my outrageously large mount.

h ttps://

(Lyicid) #16

Please fix Shu-Zen store mount

It is slightly too small, and more importantly, one eye does not glow when on the ground, making him look very odd when not flying.

(Fehnris) #17

Not a single one of those things you mentioned are worked on by the art team.


Is it the size of the mount or the character that’s changing? It’s not clear from what you wrote.


you do realize that this is not a new mount design. this is not in the art department at all. This is resizing the scale of an already existing thing. Just saying this has nothing to do with art at all

(Sarm) #20

Since you brought up feedback, the legion mage class amiibo disc mount (all three spec variants) is a little too small for male darkspear trolls. Last time I used it, my feet poked over the side of it and it didn’t look like I really fit on it.


The Magic Rooster and Lil’ Donkey mounts should absolutely be considered “small” mounts, to keep their ridiculousness.

If some mounts are considered “small”, would some mounts be considered “large” then?

Mounts like Gronnlings, or the Charhounds from Antorus should remain the same size they currently are. It looks like taurens already sit on those mounts and grab the reins correctly.