GM's are worthless

Working on “Working better as a Team”, and already it’s twitchy. Finished blacksmithing, took two days for the profession to show up in the achievement. It’s been over 2 months since I’ve reached 575 with my NB Mage on Inscription, and it still won’t show. Figured I’d post a ticket; maybe GM’s will help for once.

Their response: Told me they couldn’t do anything about it, and I’d have to do it again. Gave me a URL to help redo my profession all over, then told ME to report it as a bug.

FFS, you have GOT to be kidding me.

I used to BE a Game Master (Abq '07) and we’d NEVER place blame or responsibility on the client; let alone callously shoot a url for you to “figure it out for yourself”.
If anything was verifiably out of whack (you know, cuz we actually had the ability to CHECK on issues in real time) then WE would report it to the dev team, thereby making the topic known to every other GM.

Lazy, shifty, worthless wastes of time communicating with, is what GM’s have become. Should only be paid on actual issues solved; the “GM’s” I’ve had to deal with should have some of their pay docked.



t e n c h a r a c t e r s


Kinda doubting youre a former GM


are there so many retail characters on this forum that people think this is a retail forum?


what sorcerous tongue do you speak?


Retail is that way. —>


You might want to post this complaint in the right forum. Just saying.

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That’s no way to talk about your brother.

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Also, wrong forum.

Sir…this is a Popeyes…

But yes, WoW GMs aren’t the best from my experience

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This is what happens when you outsource to people who do not play the game.

Of course there are still GMs that do, they’re just too busy fixing the outsourced guys mistakes.

Sir. This is an Arby’s

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Didn’t Blizzard start limiting what GM’s can do ingame anyways? I believe it happened around Cata that blizzard started to strip the powers of GM’s.

Last time I remember interacting with a GM in game was Wrath, yah.

To be fair running around invisible in open world with God mode abilities opens up for a lot of human error hi-jinks.

The problem with today’s GMs is that a lot of them don’t even play the game, there have been some really strange responses on record that are totally inaccurate.

Remember the one of the GM telling someone they wouldn’t be able to equip their R14 gear if they let their rank decay?