GM Island in Classic


Yes, that’s where GMs do Tai Qi, Yoga, meditation, and learn the way of the Samurai.


That’s some serious eyebrow plucking just for a face screw-up.


I am going to build a mud fort on GM island when I get there!


What about the dancing troll village? Hope that is still accessible.


Yeah, that’s still there.


I went to a few places on stress, above and under Stormwind, the Kharazan crypts, can ghost through the gate. Also checked out the path you need to jump up to get to Caverns of Time, but you need a mount for the final jump.

Not really sure it’s possible to get to Ironforge Airport, that needed wall walking, which is possibly gone.


Getting into the Caverns of Time was amazing back in the days. Looked so pretty.


Even if it was still there, Blizzard said they fixed a majority of the wall jumping glitches, which you had to do to get to GM island.


You can get to IF airport with slowfall and a mount. Dunno if it has to be 100% or not.


So no climbing SW gates? damnit. Also everyone forgetting the massive flat area that was in mountains of Tanaris. Cool place to go run around in too.


Thats what they say anyways. No old ZG either or RFK either.


How about the original “old ironforge” ?


What’s the point to caring about a location getting removed that players can’t go to or see?


You had to use exploits to get there, that’s why it was bannable.

The exploits are fixed a long time ago.


You can climb the SW gates still, I was up there on the last stress test. There was a whole raid of people up there on the second stress test.

(Drajilough) #36

you could get there with speedhack or a couple of times when Blizzard left GMs commands for players on and you would just teleport to GMs islands with its coordinates.


It’ll be there but it was only ever accessible through wall walking which we can’t do. You’ll probably still fly over it.


There were a few ways to get to that village, it’s pretty easy from Winterspring without any wall walking, just have to find the right jumping spots then make your way around.

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There was a large flat area between Deathknell and Silverpine Forest. You had to go to a small area in DK and wall hop to get to the flat zone. IIRC the hop up area was near the scarlet soldiers in DK.


I’d also be interested to see if you can still get down into Old Ironforge. Place was really cool.