GM: "Don't use *HARDWARE* input broadcasting to multibox, either, if you care about your account."

Very well, everyone using a mouse your days are numbered

No I did not, I said that it couldn’t be proved if it was or wasn’t

No I don’t because 1 this isn’t a court of law and 2 I never said it was I said there’s no way for anyone to know, but we can know what’s not faked, blue posts on the forums.

Also, Good morning all!


Enjoy all that copium.

You might need it later…I certainly don’t. I play within the rules, whether I use a KVM or not, and you’re having a hard time dealing with that apparently. I’m flattered, thanks for your concern.

Now, go hop on your alt and rant some more about things you’re completely clueless about. /shoo /shoo

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Just like to point out I was not advocating any real life harm to any multboxers and figured my post was an obvious ribbing on the OP’s hunt for their characters (not the people behind the desk)

Hilarious. Flagging my posts, responding to them, sending emails to get my post taken down and flagging my post again – unflagged again, this time – that’s not a waste of your time but clarifying if your boxer broadcast setup is with GMs – that’s a waste of your time. You can’t possibly be interested in that, oh no

:rofl: this is amazing

Not at all - you’re just pretending not to understand. I’m well aware that software broadcasting is banned. I asked GMs if hardware input broadcasting was banned as well and listed an example device that does hardware input broadcasting to multiple computers. The GM advised me not to do hardware input broadcasting because (and I quote)

GM S********:

isn’t this device has the same function as third-party input broadcasting software which allows a single keystroke or action to be automatically mirrored to multiple game clients? Isn’t that your purpose to play WoW simultaneously?

Although the post is saying “software”, but I believe there is also the same type of software in this device. So if you want to protect your 14 years old WoW account, I suggest you don’t use any kinds of this device unless you don’t care about your account, you can start different WoW clients simultaneously, and playing the character separately, this is the only thing that I can assure you allow in WoW.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yeah, the days of using a mouse and keyboard connected to multiple instances of wow broadcasting commands simultaneously are indeed numbered.

@ boxers doing hardware input broadcasting -

You say it wasn’t personal when you stripmined a node in front of some solo player’s eyes. That it wasn’t personal when you tab-keystroke-tab-keystroke deleted people or forced them away from a prime farm spot.

Reporting boxers who are apparently doing synchronised actions isn’t personal, there’s no hate. It’s just that the game’s changed.

There’s an easy way to prove that hw input broadcasting is A-OK - file a ticket and inform the GM that you’re doing it and that you expect no account penalties. It’ll go on your record and that’ll be that. Those who don’t, understandably want to fly under the radar as long as possible and are scared of account action so will not put their fronting on the forums to the test, even though it’ll give them cover from account action.

I get it. You’re angry and scared. All the heat in this thread aside, I get it. I used to twink back in BC and I was cut up when they added XP to BGs in MoP. I still have BC-perfect twinks I’ll never level because of the love and effort they got. Twinks thought they’d be set for the lifetime of the game and they taunted people on the forums who thought otherwise. But the game changes and sometimes no amount of denial and flagging posts and trying elaborate workarounds works.

I’m not sure if youre super familiar with multiplexing but it wouldn’t violate the ToS until they prohibit it. Their rule change raised the barrier to entry to multiboxing but it didn’t get rid of it. It would also be extremely difficult if not impossible to stop.

Nope, all users of mice since mice have embedded software so therefore since the embedded software is bannable all players are bannable :slight_smile:

Yep, software input broadcasting is actionable, no changes have been made in regards to hardware :slight_smile:

Look at the link I posted above?

No one is angry or scared :rofl:

The game has changed and hardware multiboxing is still permissible. Until you can provide an unquestionable (read publicly posted) source saying otherwise you’re just wasting time. But I do enjoy coming by here when I wake up each day

Also, good morning everyone!


Why doesn’t a private message from a GM count as proof? Do you believe it was doctored?

Can you prove it’s real?

That it can’t be proven either way is the issue. I’d rather just go with what I know is 100% real, a blue post here on the forums

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I can’t, no. Was only curious. I think another evidence that may be compelling is if multi boxers are being suspended or banned for being reported. Are they?

I didn’t mean his specifically I meant any GM message. How could you prove something like that is real? Any image you take can be faked, so it’s safer just to go off what can’t be faked.

The issue with that is, are they being banned just for multiboxing or are they being banned for something else? I’m generally not in the habit of believing anything players say that I can’t find proof for. So when players come to the forums “I got banned and wasn’t doing anything” They always get the side eye :rofl:

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Yeah, same, we should always demand actual proof beyond a player’s claim(s). Imagine if we took players at their words. :smile:

May I ask, do you multi box? If so, why (aside from fun)?

would be a gray area, and honestly it is going to boil down to what does Blizzard consider drivers. I can purchase wireless keyboards and mice with a USB interface and on separate computers have them all recognize one keyboard. Is that keyboard now utilizing software? or is that driver part of the hardware that allows it to function?

I’m an altoholic and I hit the cap :slight_smile:

Now I have 5 accounts and 153 characters :heart:

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Never ceases to amaze me, just how desperately multibotters will defend their unfair, and now against the rules, pay to win advantage.

Make a thread suggesting solutions that would indirectly make multibotting no longer worth the effort: same faces come in screeching no.

Make a thread suggesting that something needs to be done about multibotting: same people screeching.

They never bring solid arguments as to WHY someone who pay for multiple subs, should be given a loot multiplier, just that it’s their right to play the game however they want. Even if it negatively impacts everyone else playing the game.

Saying this word only makes what you’re saying confusing. Is he talking about multiboxers or is he talking about botters who multibox?

There’s no such thing as a loot multiplier, if there were they’d be banned for exploiting.

It’s players right to play the game within the rules set forth by the person (Blizzard) who made the game.


Never flagged a single one of your post. I sent one email asking whether they actually thought having misinformation spread like this is constructive and I guess they don’t care.

And you keep on dinging me so I will respond because guess what I am getting something out of it.

And you really need to learn to read more and assume less.

that isn’t what I said - I said it would be pointless to do and a waste of GM and my time.

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This is an assumption.

Have you ever considered people are objecting to the busy body holier than thou attitude of people like OP, and the amount of incorrect information to boot.

Multiboxing is not against the rules and it really wasn’t all that unfair either. They could do nothing than a party of 5 players couldn’t do and in a lot of cases far far less.


This level of dishonest is over 9000. You asked about a specific type of device and the GM told you that device handles broadcasting via software. There is nothing in a mouse or keyboard that does broadcasting. It is the software that comes with it that does it. I think I have now explained this to you a dozen times.


lol, imagine saying this and not seeing some of the areas with 10+ bots just running around performing the same actions over and over.