GM: "Don't use *HARDWARE* input broadcasting to multibox, either, if you care about your account."

if the person on follow is using identical abilities at the same time as the person they’re following, I’ll assume they’re using input broadcasting and report them for ToS violation.

I like how you cut that short :rofl:

I forgot following someone was even a feature.

Think of how it is when an npc who is supposed to be helping you is following you. Now imagine if that’s broken and he gets stuck on every tree branch and pebble. That’s follow.


“Let’s just ignore the fact that line GMs – the ones that enforce account action – make zero distinction between hardware and software input broadcasting and advise me not to use hardware input broadcasting if I care about my account. Instead, let me cling desperately to my cherished mode of gameplay.”

Don’t forget having the NPC just decide they don’t want to follow you anymore :rofl:

I didn’t cut anything short. Line GMs clearly see no difference between hardware and software Input broadcasting and I’ll report any toons apparently using input broadcasting (i.e., synchronised ability actions in-game) and go on playing WoW.

(this is where you insert your copium)

You didn’t say hardware or software, you just said input broadcasting, that’s the cutting short I mean.

Yeah because they have opinions too, luckily they don’t decide policy

You are free to do as you please :man_shrugging: I mean, it’s nothing new, people say “I’m gonna report and let Blizz decide” since the dawn of the forums.

I could see how that might happen, for certain. I wouldnt want to be the one having to deal with it if the ban hammer fell on my head.
I just dont use anything but /follow.

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Because it clearly doesn’t matter – to the line GMs or me.

unluckily for some at least, they interpret policy. And this is no court of law so if some GMs feel that input broadcasting is happening you have to

a) convince them that hardware input broadcasting is ok (several line GMs don’t seem to share that opinion)


b) prove to them that it was pure hardware input broadcasting with zero embedded software (which is impossible with USB).

ya so are you, good luck

Follow is enough for most players, I would guess the only people who need more are the ones doing M+ or pvp.

Yeah a part of me is thinking that was the entire goal of this thread, to remove “input broadcasting software” and just make it “input broadcasting” which would cover hardware and software.
But that’s probably just my tinfoil and nobody would go to such lengths to manipulate a community

Just keep appealing if you didn’t do anything wrong :+1:

Thanks broski I shall :smiley:

I get reported for multiboxing daily. Multiple times daily for months and months. Even more lately. I know because those hate filled folks who spit on me and rage whisper me are kind enough to let me know they are also reporting me.
Im still here. Still multiboxing. Still following the rules set forth by Blizzard. I will continue to do so until Blizz says I cant.
You make your posts and ill make my gold and buy my tokens. Im up to 47 at the moment across 6 accounts.
Ive also started reporting people who are cursing at me for harassment. Have a good night Im off to blanket the world in Starfall haters.


This is bugging me a bit. So do line GM’s make the rules or do they enforce the rules?
If i understand correctly they only enforce the rules as laid out to them so they cant just make them up as they go based on feelings right?
Lets put that into a real world scenario. A cop beats you across the head with a crowbar because you were signaling left when turning left which is following the rules but because he doesnt like left turns its all good? That’s what that 4th grade educated email you got is supposed to lead me to believe?


And they would be going against policy themselves. If they take action based on their biases, they will be reprimanded if found out. I will again point out, hardware key broadcasting is NOT against the ToS.

The real question this thread needs to ask is what happens to players posting faked screenshots of GM convo’s on official forums in some foolish attempt to dictate how others play the game?


In opposite world, sure, but it was never meant to be hard sci fi and ask interesting/plausible questions. It’s like lexx, weird and a little scary in bits

lol I got mass-flagged by salty boxers don’t think you’re some kind of noble hero. And at least I had the guts to put my main out there and share proof. We have zero proof that you have done any of this noble boxer nonsense.

Wouldnt give someone like you the satisfaction. Youre nothing…nobody to me. Your opinion means squat.
Youre a liar and a hate filled little man. I have no pity for you.