Glyph of the Lightspawn

It dosen’t work for Holy Priest


Just replying to confirm I have the same issue.

It states it is not allowed in holy specialization but we have access to shadowfiend now.


Replying for more visibility. Please let us use this glyph in Holy spec if you’re going to give us Shadowfiend in Holy spec…


Same problem. It has to be a bug if you’re giving holy priests SF.

Replying for more visibility too! Please allow Lightspawn for Holy priest!! :smiley:

Same as all the other posts. I understand that it was restricted before due to holy priest not having access to shadowfiend. I do hope blizzard can remedy this. As, I don’t want to run holy with a shadow goblin running by me. As I have used among my friends. “THIS RUINS MY IMMERSION!” it’s a running joke among my group, but this time it actually fits. Thank you Blizzard.

Post to the bug forum, someone made a thread

Came here to complain about this! hope they see and fix it

Submit bug reports

Bug report submitted and I also will post to bring it up for visibility. It also doesn’t work for shadow priests.

Now that Shadowfiend is a baseline priest ability, this needs to be fixed.

Replying for visibility. Hoping this gets fixed soon

Having this issue as well.

Guys and Gals they fix it :partying_face: