Glyph of Omen of Clarity Nerf Oversight

Bingo!!! Classes were perfect as they were. It’s why we wanted to play Classic. No balance should of ever been done.


Again Blizzard misses the mark on the tuning for Feral. They really shouldnt have done any tuning to start with at this rate.

At least this doesnt nerf pvp like the naturalist nerf did.


Another stealth nerf by 5% really blizz? 2 weeks before launch? Come on…


Fotm is back baby

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Doesn’t the problem stem from Omen of Clarity not working as it did back in original Wrath?

This nerf cat off tanks, not main tanks.

I believe in original wrath the players did not realize they could increase their dps by doing bearweaving. They did this time around, and several players and blizzard did not like this, so they made the omen of clarity changes to remove bear weaving.

This change increased cat dps by more than they intended. They made a “hotfix” to reduce the dps gain from this change. They did not consider this hotfix would nerf cats in pvp and also nerf bears. They rolled back the hotfix.

Next patch they made the omen of clarity change a glyph, as a way to slightly reduce the increase in dps they got from the change, while not changing cats in pvp or bears.

Now they appear to think that cats are still receiving to much of a dps increase with this glyph, so they are trying to nerf it.

Yet again, this change seems as if it was not thought through very well. As stated in my post, this will nerf bears using this glyph. I don’t think that was intended. Some of the folks are already saying this nerf will make bearweaving more dps, so this glyph may not be used anymore.

That would bring us full circle back to bearweaving as if they never made any changes in the first place.

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Except bearweaving is still hundreds of dps worse than using the OoC glyph lol

I did not say it is or is not. I said some folks are saying it is. Small changes like these can have a larger impact. There are lots of elements to consider, changes to be made to sims to account for all of this. If you have done all of that and have the data I would be interested in seeing it.

The expansion is balanced around the ICC patch, all prior balance fixes were done to patch some classes until the ICC patches…

Going to assume getting the same balances for every season instead of the final one would have been a problem… especially for DKs since they changed spec like every patch.

They changed Naturalist talent to 5% from 10% and it was a huge dps loss so much so they had to revert it.

Now SURPRISE!!! They did it again becuase they didnt learn the first time around. GG blizz nerf the 5th place guy instead of the top 4 or god forbid help the lowest ones out.

This just shows whoever is conducting this train doesnt know what they are doing.

What do they say is the definition of insanity? Oh this right here. Probobly expect a different outcome too.

Likely all ferals will forgo this glyph now and bearweaving will be back on the menu.

They didn’t revert it because it was too big of a nerf. They reverted it because they somehow did not foresee that it would also affect PvP.

The feral discord is saying otherwise.


I am not even arguing against nerfing feral cat dps. I am just asking to reword it to say reduces physical damage in cat form by 5%.

Now, I don’t think feral deserves a nerf. They are potentially the hardest dps class to play, have no cleave, and have a difficult time swapping targets. What is the harm in them being one of the top single target dps?

Reguardless, changes or no changes, don’t let if change bear.

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then don’t use the glyph as bear. It’s not like bearweaving as bear is asking too much.

That is a fair point. If they intended for this change to also reduce bears damage, then I am happy to forgo this glyph.

I believe that it was not their intention for this change to reduce damage in bear form while using this glyph. I am trying to point it out so they they will realize it and change it. If they were to explain the changes, and say they intend for it to reduce damage in bear form as well, then I would not have made this post.

as a druid tank alt, yes, you’d be a drooling moron to use that glyph as a bear tank, its a kitty trinket only.

I would love to know how this keeps happening.

First, Blizzard shouldn’t have touched Feral Combat at all. Tweaking things mid tier was a bad idea, giving out changes and buffs or nerfs overall is a bad idea period in Classic.

Second, they shouldn’t have tried to roll it back, which only ended up nerfing bear (somehow) more and making cat even worse than it started with the changes to Naturalist, not working in PvP, etc.

Third, they shouldn’t have tried to “balance” it when they realized all it did was make all Feral Combat druids worse off and that the “10% buff” actually scaled to make cats competitive and because it benefitted some more than others (bad cats got competitive, good cats got really competitive).

Fourth, this isn’t even needed. There’s already indication this puts Flowerweaving/Wrathweaving (maybe even other degeneracy like Bearweaving) back on the table as plausible talking points… the exact thing Blizzard was trying to prevent.

Fifth, Feral Combat has enough problems. For the amount of work you have to put in to get DPS out, the last thing it needs is some added complications (see above). Cats aren’t going to dominate in the real world outside the absolute best parsers. Anyone with the new welfare Shadowmourne is on average going to out do them. No one in their right mind is going to dump all their cooldowns into a cat and not have them do all the utility stuff expected of us (if I had a dollar for every time I wasn’t DPSing to do something like Innervate or run off to who knows where to cast Rebirth, etc, I could pay for my subscription for the year).

Please, Blizzard, stop touching things, this included. Leave Feral Combat where it is at. This is not even a real problem and you’re making it into one again.