Glow effect on weapons and shoulders glitching/flickering while mounted

Weird thing I noticed just recently while playing a new Death Knight in the DK starting zone is that when I mount, any glow effect present on a weapon or shoulder item starts to flicker and glitch out, but when I dismount the problem goes away. It seems to occur with any mount and any item, and only when mounted. Happens whether my character is traveling or just sitting idle on mount. Also occurs on flight path mounts. Race I chose, if it matters, is Blood Elf.

I am running the game with DX11 since I had a texture flickering issue on 12 before, since switching to 11 I thought I was done with weird glitches but apparently not. Playing on a ASUS ROG Zephyrus M (GU502GV) with i7-9750h and RTX 2060 configuration. Temperatures are stable.

No other issues are present except for this one problem. So it leads me to think it’s not on my end. But has anyone else seen this happen?


Omg the same thing is happening to me water, cloud and other textures as well. Running the same graphics card.

I am currently having this problem as well, regardless of which character I play. I’ve tried messing around with the various graphics options to no avail.