Glory days of Enhancement Shaman

I’ve been playing a bit of enhance recently and its been really fun, and I was curious because a lot of people say the glory days for most classes (especially Warlock) was the Cata → MoP era. What would you guys say has been the best iteration of enhancement shaman(fun to play, impactful etc) and why?

Mop/wod enh were both pretty good

Vanilla with Hand of Rag

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MoP pretty hands down. WoD had okay design (similar to Shadowlands) but was heavily pruned.


shadowlands enh is the most fun spec for me.

Execute from 60% hp was cooked

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Best pvp video ever is diablous 2 (I think?)

Sooooo hype brings back memories of mop enh

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Vanilla 2 hand enhance used to scare me. I had a priest and they would just head straight to me spamming purge then wind fury me down lol

BC Stunherald WF jackhammering you with Tidal Charm.

Mop. Stormblast and stormlash totem.

Wod was probably the strongest iteration but it revolved so much around juicing fire nova which didnt appeal to me.

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legion because the talent choices and decisions were far more interesting than ever

overrated if mop classic comes out enhance will be one of the worst specs


WoD Turbo was extremely solid and it still played as it always had. So many specs got pruned, but enhance still retained the majority of its tool kit. I only say that because I swapped to enhance after they destroyed hunters.

oh heck no it wont. lol.

Classic windfury with 2h…

But MoP with the star wars lightning was also top tier.

Cata/Mop/Wod was amazing for enhance.


Not a fan of the current version, season 1 version was more fun, just more a fan of burst enh than consistent enh.


i guess i’m trolling lol?

trolling epic style.

If anyone within 30 yards of MoP enhancement was 50% hp or under they could touch of death them.

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