Global channel moderation abuse

Seems the server has two frequent offenders that are holding the server hostage with their personal drama.

Pixul of Hazard and
Skadi of High Charity have repeatedly been witnessed by myself mass purging people at a whim without warning from both LFG and World as well as locking the channels with Password this is reoccuring abuse that inhibits the playerbases ability to enjoy the game without any other options than LFG and WORLD channels for dungeons

I think it’s just skadi of high charity abusing it and then putting the blame on pixul.

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A few days ago I left world on all my toons to prevent you from banning me indiscriminately as the list of -has been banned continually popped up

There was no good reason for you to ban 30+ people in a row no one was even speaking in channel

People use these channels to find groups as there is no LFG feature, you are negatively impacting people and their ability to play the game effectively over your drama

do you have a screenshot of this happening because I’ve only witnessed skadi banning people and being an immature brat!!

You are toxic stop trying to excuse your actions simply by saying someone else as done it.

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By your logic police should be able to go into any home in America and kill innocent civilians simply because the actions of someone preceding them. I love the way you think man, go get help.

this guy is comparing banning people in a player moderated chat channel on world of warcraft to police slaughtering innocent civilians and he thinks other people need help.


Both respective GMs should /gkick the offending parties but sadly they don’t care about their guilds “server reputation”. Keep feeding your victim complex by whining on the forum over something that means absolutely nothing because alternatives exist within the game (LFG). Just boycott the guilds and the channel. :slight_smile:

I’m only radicalizing his own way of thinking to show polarity, in fact it is not my thinking but his. Please change alts and try to discredit me again my man.

by “showing polarity” do you mean being absolutely dramatic and over exaggerating?

LFG is locked because of the two of you and your drama

Funny how the only two people replying at the perpetrators

I’m sorry you clearly do not value your own time.
Some people can only play for certain times if they’re lucky.
With that being said it is extremely toxic for them to be negatively impacted by your drama. You two children should sort this out among yourself instead of taking it out on the rest of your server.

we are actively being negatively impacted by YOUR drama, right now.

stop whining

I have no drama I’m merely reporting two terrorists that have taken this server hostage

No one wants to even say anything because they’ll just get banned from the chat channels they depend on to play the game

pixul is one of the most toxic people on the server and his guild Hazard encourages it, its best to just /ignore them Slaughtz included

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Curious why you’re telling people to change alts when you won’t even post under your character name. I understand the hypocrisy but hey, if you show me yours I’ll show you mine. :wink:

Everytime I’ve clicked change alt’s it just buffers until I get tired of waiting. Nor would I bring my guild into this so that people can be punished for no reason other than loose affiliation.

The only person I seen openly banning people tonight was skadi and he was openly bragging about it too, avoid him and his guild high charity at all costs.

I left channel a few nights ago because Pixul was banning what seemed like everyone in /World. LFG is now locked with a password put in place by him.

another Skadi banning tonight lucky someone else got owner and banned pixul and Skadi after the banning spam happen