Glimmer of Light


I don’t mind paladin having broken levels of throughput like they have currently if Glimmer was weak on certain types of boss encounters, or if they lacked utility… But the fact that Glimmer is 100% universal and has really no weaknesses, along with holy paladin having utility from Sac, BoP, Devo aura, freedom for niche circumstances (arguably some of the best healer utility in the game)… Something has to give here imo and glimmer needs some tuning down a bit.

As of right now Holy paladin has:

  • #1 throughput (HPS).
  • #1 healer utility. (BoP, Sac, Bubble, Devo, Freedom)
  • #1 healer dps.
  • No inherent weaknesses really. (Talking realistic weaknesses).

Fights where they cannot actually melee anything are extremely rare / non existent, most fights they don’t even have to do boss mechanics (example: Mythic Cabal). They get tossed into the melee camp.

And they’re just looking to scale even more crazy from here and are only getting stronger.

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Sustained throughput. Requiring to stay in melee range.

These two do not go together.


While I’m sad the global azerite buffs were reverted, at least glimmer is no longer randomly 25% stronger.

However, I’m still going to echo the point repeated throughout this thread from my self and people who play classes like enh shaman. Why is glimmer allowed to be this good still? Paladins would still be competitive hps wise because of the power level of devo aura. Why do they need to gap all other healers so much while providing all the benefits of being a dps healer with paladin utility?

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correct me if i’m wrong, but doesn’t melee manage to stay in melee range as well, suffering a dps loss if not?

in all seriousness though, it’s PTR for a reason- it’s not live. if there’s really this much of an issue, all they need to do is tune the numbers back a bit, not destroy a fun build like they’ve done with several others.


Please don’t use the “its only PTR” argument. As pretty much everything about this expansion has proven, we can no longer count on Blizzard tuning or adjusting things prior to it going live, and PTR conditions are probably what we can expect come release.

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Revisiting the original post–as it suggested, we’re going to pull back a small amount on Glimmer healing, but not enough to upset its status as the “in” build. Numbers to be determined for an upcoming PTR build, but probably around a 10-12% reduction to the Glimmer proc only.


so the only azerite power and build keeping holy paladin competitive at a top level to the top healer - disc priest. But it’s okay, nerf hpal btw.


Scrap Avenging Crusader then. Please. :wink:

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Sounds good, 10-12% reduction to GoL is not going to kill the build, just bring it more in-line with the other healers.

Should be about a 3-4% overall HPS nerf only to the GoL build and it doesn’t affect the standard build, I think it’s a reasonable change (based on live numbers, not sure how much is GoL doing in PTR when combined with the essence and all that)

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While we re on the subject of over performing build. What about r druid and m+? I mean, if you go look at keys higher than 22 its pretty much 85%r druid… this isnt right.


DEVS please read because Im geuinly so heart broken about this and Id really apprciate it if you would hear me out…

Battle for Azeroth comes out. Every tier so far, I have changed healers and while changing healers, continued to mess around on others because I never felt completely sastified with a build before. Then I found the Glimmer of Light build. Fast paced, fun, higher skill cap, added DPS for the raid, a completely unique build that no other healer has. This was and still is by far the best Ive ever felt playing a healer. With Glimmer build in my hands, I stopped looking for another healer spec because I thaught paladin was perfect. I was telling everyone “I cant wait to get my essence so i can have a raid-wide CD and my pally will be so perfect and fun. I can not wait.” Nerfing this has changed that.

The original post, you claimed that you didnt like that it was required to use 3 to make the build viable. So what gets done? You nerf it. So now how many do we need? 4? It simply will NOT be viable anymore. The boring pally build will out play it for sure. It feels BAD that we NEED 3 of this trait already. So why make it feel worse?
Please buff fistweaver because I will be switching again so that I can play a viable version of this play style.

Im just posting my opinion as someone who is passionate about this build and the game as a whole.

Thanks for reading.


There are many things that need a nerf in game but still you chose Glimmer? Why? First time we’ve been competitive and you break all our hopes and dreams. SMH.

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Hey friend, while I agree with many of your feeling about the Glimmer build and how fun it is, I think you are overreacting to what’s a fairly small nerf.

This nerf should not kill the Glimmer of light build, it’s not even close to that. Just go look at logs, factor in a 3-4% total HPS loss and well, Holy Paladins will still be in a great spot, arguably still the strongest overall Raid healer.


Oh i have no doubt im overreacting haha. I just dont like they say they dont like that we need 3 but now make it feel worse that we need 3.

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Yeah, I mean it’s not great that in order to play this build you need to obtain 3 specific azerite traits but at this point I don’t think there’s a way around it and I think that’s part of what the OP meant.

I’m honestly glad that they are not killing the build and have instead chosen to acknowledge it and let it be, however this also means that they need to balance it and prevent it from getting too overpowered.

As for swapping to Monk goes, I’d advise against it, at least for Raiding… I actually dropped mine in favor of my pally. Mistweaver was one of my main healers in Legion but while the spec is strong and actually quite fun in dungeons, I find it incredibly boring in Raids. GoL pally is hell of a lot more fun to play.


Yeah fot sure dude! I agree. It just hard these days to see a nerf and expect it to still do good anymore. Seems like most nerfs these days are taken too far. Ill take your word for it though, as im really really hoping your right! :slight_smile:


TL:DR glimmer super strong for high end players, getting brought more in line with other specs but still more than likely going to be better, devo still strong which a lot of people seem to forget because it doesn’t show up as hps. Class still going to dunk especially considering gear is only getting stronger, we now have essences, and higher ilvl azerite gear is basically going to offset the change in value.


It just boggles my mind that after you completely screwed up Holy Pally play at the beginning of BfA and Glimmer of Light finally makes it fun and playable till about Level 16 M+ but now I can’t get into anything higher because they ONLY want R Druids…where is the balance there? Come on Blizz!!!

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You can go far, far higher with holy paladin than +16.


As broken as glimmer is disc is still just as broken and with this change I guess healing meta will be 3x disc + 1rsham.