Gleaming incarnate thunderstone

Is this item broken or you need a full set for it to work?

Class set items from Mythic Vault of the Incarnates and Elite PVP are intended to display lightning visual effects. These effects are typically attached to the shoulder and helm items. Unfortunately we have a bug that has prevented many of them from functioning as intended.

The bug will be fixed with the launch of 10.0.5.

The Gleaming Incarnate Thunderstone, which you get as a reward for earning the Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season 1 achievement, is intended to grant the lightning visual effect to non-Mythic difficulty class sets (and to grant the non-lightning version to the Mythic or Elite sets). So if you have the Normal difficulty shoulder appearance for your tier set, using this item will grant an additional appearance with the same color and added lightning effects. This applies to any item appearances you have already unlocked or unlock in the future, so unlocking your Heroic shoulders in the future will also immediately the lightning-infused equivalent.

Due to the aforementioned bug, this was likely unclear. You may also need to log out and log back in for these appearances to appear in your collection.


The Gleaming Incarnate Thunderstone, which you get as a reward for earning the Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season 1 achievement

Is that a typo? The item is listed as a reward from the achievement “Deep Cuts From the Vault”, which requires completing one of three achievements (Mythic Raszageth, Mythic+ Keystone Hero Season 1, or PvP Elite Season 1)

What about Mythic and Elite sets from Shadowlands !!

I fought hard for those!, they dont glow anymore!

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Do y’all plan on fixing the sets from Shadowlands as well?

Is this item a season 1 exclusive or we can still get it later?

This is a really cool idea for a reward and I hope we continue to get it in the future.

Fixed on PTR, I think.

Is this item intended to be a limited, seasonal reward, or will be continue to be obtainable in the future via the Mythic: Raszageth achievement?

You guys could also maybe look into making the effect more visually obvious. I can’t speak for other classes but when actually playing the lightning effects on the mage tier are so subtle that you kind of need to stop doing anything and zoom in on your character and wait to see so its not really the most interesting reward as a result

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Kaivax could we get confirmation whether or not the Gleaming Incarnate Thunderstone will be evergreen content still obtainable in future seasons and expansions beyond if we kill Mythic Raszageth (as Season 1 Keystone Hero and Elite will no longer be achievable)?

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I can see both appearances in my xmog window - but I can’t see a difference between the 2 in either of the Normal or Heroic versions.

Is there a particular graphics setting that needs to be enabled in order to see this lightning effect?

But how do you unlock heroic tier appearances!?!?!?

My tier shoulders i have upgraded from 402 to 411, 411 is the same ilvl as the ones that drop off the heroic boss, but they still haven’t unlocked in my appearance tab and i’m currently 12/13 upgrades completed.

We have to upgrade our gear to Mythic level now just to unlock heroic appearances? Do raiders have to get the mythic shoulders also to unlock the heroic appearance… Or in this expansion we aren’t getting to unlock heroic appearances at all in M+ like we did in SL?

In SL the moment you upgraded a piece of gear to the appropriate minimum level it unlocked the corresponding appearance. Except for Mythic gear cause you could only get that from vault day.

This is very confusing on how we can unlock the heroic tier appearances.

  1. what does this sentence mean?

  2. so 1800 pvp tmog + 2500 mythic plus = yes or no lightning?

I think the Mythic and Rival sets came with lightning by default. The item gives you the non-lightning version for the sake of being thorough.

The Normal and Heroic sets are the opposite - they come without lightning by default and you gain the lightning version.

This way you get both versions for all of the colors. Seems like an odd thing to do since you’re not really gaining anything if you have the mythic/rival sets…because why WOULDN’T you want the lightning effect???

How did you upgrade your tier shoulders?

I received them from the great vault at ilvl 402 and spent valor to upgrade them…

In SL when you got tier from the vault and upgraded it as soon as you hit heroic level it unlocked the appearances. Or if you got say a mythic non tier piece from the vault or heroic piece and went to the Catalyst and changed it, you also immediately unlocked the appearance.

That does not seem to be the case so far with DF…

You do not get the lightning effect from 1800 pvp rating but rather the 2400 pvp rating. Some people in this thread have said you get it with the base 1800 elite set but that is not correct. Otherwise everyone and their mom would have it in a week. 1800 rating is not hard to get.

You do get it from 2500 M+ rating or killing Mythic Raszageth

A comment on this would be appreciated. It has been a point of confusion since the achievement was datamined. It’s another Slime Cat controversy in the making.

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Ah that makes sense!

And yeah - that seems really crappy. I wonder if they changed things so that you have to upgrade to the ilvl first, and then if you “catalyze” them, you’ll get the respective heroic/mythic xmog.

It’s really lousy to have to spend a catalyst charge to turn a piece of tier gear i already have into the exact same piece of tier gear.