Glaring PvP Imbalance

Statistics of specs played the last 24 hours. If you’re not a Ret/Arms/Demo/BM as DPS or MW/RSham as a healer, you’re nonexistent right now. With only a month left in the season, a lot of people think this is how it is going to remain until 10.1, which would be a shame because the season was actually really enjoyable until the most recent patch. Hope we see more tuning before the season ends, some specs can’t even play the game right now.


There have been multiple times this season that other classes have been on top. Balance will never be perfect. So let the classes that are there now shine and have the month before the next patch hits.


This is such bad reasoning to not balance things.


Where were the cries for balancing the rest of the season? Why now? Why when a class that has statistically almost always been on the bottom is now on top? Seems like you are more upset its not your class on top. Im sure there wouldnt be a problem at that point.

You are seeing more rets currently being used because we havent had a moment to shine in ages. People actually have a reason to log into their ret again because we are no longer bottom of the barrel.


Ret had one of the best comps all of Shadowlands as Ret/War, what are you talking about “in ages”? Why would anyone want their personal best to be during a point when something is completely broken, just to tank again after they’re brought back down to earth? I barely touched Shadow when it was op because of that reason.

Nobody that enjoys competitive play likes when something is broken. Everyone asked for nerfs when Shadow was too strong, same as DK, DH, Disc, and Sin, as they should have. Quit making things up to try and make yourself feel better. Nothing should stay op, when things start to stick out, they should be brought back in line.


Hey all!

Just wanted to stop in and point to a variety of Retribution changes that we posted this afternoon that may help out with some of the Ret-related issues brought up in this thread.


Honestly, these seem more PvE focused. Are we getting any PvP specific changes still? Even killing their teammates is hard because their utility to keep people up.


What season are you referring to? Ret warrior has always been a very strong melee cleave, even cupid can be strong.


“My class is now op so I’m going to completely ignore the constant cries for assa/dh/sp/demo/arms war nerfs that occurred earlier this season.”
Talk about a fried take lol. Literally 80% + games are made up of ret/arms/bm/demo and it’s awful. Should definitely have more tuning passes. Also the ret nerfs definitely seem pve targeted, but shall have to see how it plays out over the next week or two.