Glaives should be going to Warriors first, not Rogues

Fury Warrior is the top tier melee spec in the game, so it’s a better used by a Warrior. For Rogues it will be used in pvp mostly anyway, which most loot councils will prio items to the biggest raid DPS upgrade, which is in the hands of a warrior.

Most of my friends in guilds said they expect to have their first and second sets of glaives to their fury warriors, in a rogue’s hands its just not as much DPS upgrade, so I see why.


:billed_cap: kekw


Sorry man, but glaives will do more in the hands of the S+ melee DPS class (Warrior) than the IEA rogue.

What benefits does the raid get over giving it to a rogue over a warrior? All they get is comparatively less dps, assuming equally skilled players.


Yeah nah


Warriors have other options that are about as good, rogues do not. Regardless you give it to the person not the class, but if I had to choose unless the rogue is a jerk i’d give it to the rogue 9/10 times.

If you want it to be fair and have two equal deserving players, if the offhand drops first the set goes to the rogue if the mainhand drops the set goes to the warrior. Let the game decide who gets it.

Kebab warriors are trash tho and don’t deserve any loot.


ur wrong ok


Let the rogues that do Arena have them. What is the point of a raid-logging warrior with WG?


What’s the point of a loot council if you’re going to prioritize giving people gear based on their PVP upgrades? I don’t think many guild leaderships will go down that route. It’s going to warriors for the most part.


There seems to be a lot of rogue copium in this post.

It’s a warrior weapon for sure, there are plenty of other swords for rogues to roll on.

Kebab is the most optimal spec, so as much as you hate them you’re gonna only see more of them in Phase 3. Sucks to be you, I guess.


nah. no copium. I just know I’ll see more rogues with glaives than warriors. I also bet there’ll be rogues waiting to do gdkp raids with gold cap ready to trade. Not really sure about warriors. But hey I have been wrong sometimes. Who knows right

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PvP can matter (even to PvE), and Rogues generally bring more value than Warriors - past the first one, mostly. DPS isn’t really relevant since Hunters will still out-DPS them, and I believe Warlocks will as well.

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Half the guilds that kill Illidan every week for nearly 6 months will see the set. The luckiest people will see them. After that, whoever gets them will be either the richest or most well-liked person in guild. I guarantee you will see plenty of arguments about who they are best for, but they are best for both Rogues and Warriors, both MH & OH, even without the set bonus, and the set is crazy. I’m a warrior advocate, so I’m biased, but I do recognize that there is no reason to be mad at people who manage to nab the set, regardless of class.


No one is assigning glaives prio based off ‘how good they are for the class’.

Legendaries are and always will be assigned to players not classes. Officers, long term loyal players, highest effort most liked raider, e-girl, whatever.

This warriors vs rogues discussion is a total waste of time, plenty of raid groups don’t even bring a rogue.


Pretty much. Ours doesn’t have a Fury Warrior - and I’m not entirely sure if we will next phase either. Our most dedicated DPS Warrior is Arms and that’s kind of necessary to buff the physical DPS. We’re more ranged heavy anyway. Lots of casters and a handful of Hunters.

Meta comps are just… not needed. Especially since T6 should be easier in general with raids having more gear, and Vash/KT being two of the hardest bosses in TBC.

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None of you idiots are getting glaives

Those go to the hunters



Fixed that for you


Glaives in a 15 year old game should go to the melee player that has dedicated themselves the most to the well being of their guild/community, and deserves such a hot ticket reward.

Min/Max DPS is simply not needed. I literally watched the US first M’uru kill the other day on youtube - it had 5 rogues in it. FIVE.

What does that mean? It means it that min/max tip top DPS simply doesn’t matter. Give this item to the most deserving/stable/long-term vet.


False. We have a fury warrior and a rogue that are dead equal in performance, longevity, and attitude/personality. We selected the rogue first because the warrior has options on par with glaives available that the rogue does not have. Being that p5 is probably 8-10 months away plus the time to open the raid and based on the drop rate on the PTR we expect to have 3 sets complete before SWP even opens.


imagine giving glaives to the robber class
lmao how does it help them pickpocket handbags in ramparts anyway. degenerate class for undesirables tbh, give it to warriors and let the burglers have a sook on the forums in between greykilling


I agree, ZD sp prio.