Gladiator Title?

Except there is literally a blue post in this thread saying their intention is for the mount to be granted by winning 50 games at Elite Rank aka earning Gladiator title

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according to the patch notes it was also their intention for titles to be account wide, and look where we are now.


cant quote this enough

blizzard is so inconsistent and it’s clear changes go through so many hands with so many unaware of their impacts that by the time we see anything it’s either backpeddled or it makes no sense and we have to live with it

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Are you actually so toxic you went back and edited your post to wrongfully try and flame me for posting my opinion? When it’s actually supported by a blue post right above?

  • The Gladiator mount (e.g. the Corrupted Gladiator’s Proto-Drake) is awarded under the same circumstances as the “Gladiator” title and is available to all characters on that account permanently.

Going into Shadowlands, the availability of the mount is the only change here.

… Maybe spend time learning to read instead of being toxic on the forums.

he used the corrupted dragon and it’s acquisition as an example about current and past gladiator mounts being accountwide

this was in no way conclusive (especially with blizzard being blizzard) that the mount going forward will continue to be 50 wins at elite

yuck don’t act like a victim you were extremely snarky for 0 reason to someone asking for clarification on something a TOOOOOOON of people have been wondering for almost a year now

no way you’re so miserable that you don’t recognize this as ugly

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All I was saying is that based on everything in the past, and everything they’ve recently said, it’s almost certainly staying the same. As for beta, it’s extremely bugged, and will go live with hundreds of bugs that are nearly game breaking.

I was just commenting on the question, which was countered by “I guess you work for Blizzard” so what more can I add to the conversation. Not sure why you needed to ride in on your white horse or whatever…

based on everything in the past is why we logged into account wide glad titles with patch notes supporting them yesterday right?

pot meet kettle here LOL

miserable and no self awareness

i guess i am in GD

Do you even know what that means? Because that makes 0 sense in this context. The way you’re talking really makes you live up to your name; I’m done talking to you now, bye.

you’re white knighting blizzard while accusing me of white knighting the EU ww player

(which i’d add a pretty large portion of the pvp community is also waiting for clarification as we were in your position like 6 months ago with no edits or updates or fixes in sight)


suddenly the surrounding area is a little warmer :blush:

There is some serious misleading going on here. To begin, the patch notes stated the following:

“All Gladiator mounts and titles, including those from previous seasons, can be used by all characters across the account the mount and titles were earned on.”

Yesterday, when pre-patch launched, this is exactly what was the case. The Gladiator title was available. This morning, a change was made so that the title was only available on the character it was earned on. Later this afternoon, a change was made that the title was no longer available at all.

The question you responded to with ‘yes’ clearly is asking if the Gladiator title is going to remain a permanent title on the character that achieved it. This is not the case in game. The title has been taken away completely.

Following your answer of ‘yes’ to the question you directly contradict what was stated in the patch notes and your response of ‘yes’ to the question that was asked.

I appreciate the apology for the confusion, but I am not sure if things have been really cleared up.

Furthermore, I can’t help but feel as if players were lied to and misled. The patch notes say one thing, the communication is unclear, and at this point we’re not really sure at all if our characters are supposed to have the Gladiator title or not.

I think it’s quite okay to admit that a change wasn’t an ideal one and that they decided against it. But offering misdirecting statements and saying things like “it was a bug” when it clearly was something announced in the patch notes, I’m not so sure that is the right move for y’all to make.


Very well put.

I would like more clarification on this as well. Why does the patch notes say the total opposite of what we’re being told now? Why did the PTR and first day of prepatch reflect what the patch notes said, but now all of a sudden it’s not the case?

Blizzard needs to understand they can’t just announce a change in the patch notes and implement it in game, then pretend to sweep it under the rug as a “bug” as if this wasn’t a planned change for Shadowlands prepatch. It’s deceptive and actually blows my mind this is how they’re going about addressing this “miscommunication”.

Is this how Blizzard decides to handle things with their game and community?
Anything they’ve shown in patch notes or advertised for Shadowlands can be reverted at any moment without them even caring to mention it, unless we have enough voices asking “what happened to this planned feature” & to only have them pretend as if it wasn’t in the patch notes?


I’m sure they are just sweeping it under the rug.

I don’t even necessarily agree with the title being account wide but the way this was handled is very poor.


Why do we not get to keep a title we worked so hard for? It seems pointless to keep grinding the same title over and over, smh. This was the only change I looked forward to in Shadowlands and now you devs are just making the game NOT fun at all

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It’s definitely weird that it was like that in beta for months and the entire time PTR was up, then put in the patch notes and went live before being removed. You would think if it wasn’t intended it would have been removed when people started reporting it in beta months ago. And they definitely wouldn’t have put the word titles in the patch notes, considering r1 titles weren’t account-wide on live at all.

I wouldn’t really care for the change if it was intended, but it is really bizarre how they’ve handled it.

Someone at Blizzard has to be hiding under their desk at this point for putting that in the patch notes… right next to the dude who put the titles account-wide in the test environment… right next to the devs who ignored the feedback on the beta forums… and the employee who incorrectly responded to this thread earlier is probably showing them all the best desk to hide under.

Except for Season 1. There was no permanent title for S1 R1 players. Maybe you guys should go back and give all the S1 Gladiator’s a permanent “Gladiator” title?


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Osnap, good catch!

So is the regular Gladiator title still confirmed as only available during the season?

If so, that’s pretty lame considering how time consuming it is to obtain. Makes me not want to keep pushing…

Yes, on all of your characters.

It used to be (pre-BFA) given at the end of the season, and you’d get to wear it for the following season, then it’d go away. The title has always been temporary.

The dragon is forever, though!

Named glad, aka r1 is permanent!