Gladiator Mounts in Shadowlands

Greetings Gladiators!

Gladiator mounts have long served as one of the most prestigious rewards in all of World of Warcraft. This is due to the considerable time, effort, and skill required to earn one. In the past, we felt that prestige should be reserved to the character that earned a Gladiator mount, as this best demonstrated your expertise with that particular class.

Shadowlands Season 1 will be the 30th PvP season in World of Warcraft, and a lot has changed over that time. Not only has the game evolved with the introduction of new classes or changes to existing ones, but players’ preferences have often evolved with regard to the class they like to play most.

So, beginning in Shadowlands, all Gladiator mounts, including those from previous seasons, can be used by all characters across the account the mount was earned on.

Thank you for playing and we’ll see you in the Arena!


thats fair

please nobody ask for them to rerelease these mounts, if u didnt get them then u dont get to get it now


oh boy if that can of worms is open then get ready for the classic “make elite sets obtainable again!!!”


I’m actually hyped to see mounts from TBC/Wrath that I only saw once in a blue moon (if that). Not that I’ll be the one riding them :upside_down_face: maybe next season!


Thank you! The original nether drakes are perfect for void elves, but they’ve been stuck on my priest, now I can use them. Was always odd that the other PvP mounts were made account wide but not these.


Thank you so much!
I’ve been waiting since WotLK to be able to ride my TBC Armored Netherdrakes on my Death Knight, they are by far the best looking mounts in the game.


What about the PvP titles earned that were character specific?


This is a very unpopular change with the arena community. Players will have little incentive to play alts and that will hurt arena participation.


I had to contact support just to fix my account to be able to post on the forums to say THANK YOU! I have checked multiple times throughout the years hoping one day I could fly on my TBC glad mounts on something other than my shaman. I just don’t enjoy shaman anymore and I feel punished not playing him because I couldn’t enjoy the mounts I earned on any other characters. This is such a niche change and probably only benefits a small part of the active community, so I wanted to make sure the devs knew some of us highly appreciate this update <3.


I would love this as well but kept account wide with the class you earned it on.

I think the PvP mounts and titles should be class specific rather than character.


Is the Gladiator title Also a Permanant title now and also Account wide?

just curious as playing on beta and the PTR i have obtained the title on classes i havent had it on before, and for a previous expansion.

would love to hear back from you dev please and thank you =) @Kaivax

Are Gladiator mounts the only “prestige” character bound reward that’s being made account wide, or can we expect Mistwalker and RBG titles to go accounts wide as well?

Would be interested in knowing if this is intentional too. If it is, then things like

Need to go account-wide too. There’d be no excuse. Justicar/Conqueror as well.

now if you could just tell us when season 4 BFA is ending, i’m hoping i can still get verse amps well the season 4 BFA active XD

I can confirm that the gladiator title is indeed able to be worn on any class or character that I log in to.

bump! me please

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Could we get this for Rank 1 Gladiator titles too by any chance?