Glad Mount Change, Yes or No

you’re not glad either, pipe down on the ego. if the season ended right now you’d be about 4-500 rating off from actual glad

i don’t think ppl really understand how much harder getting glad was before this expansion and why the title held so much prestige. if the season ended now glad would probably be 28-2850. so you’d have players who are 2790 getting duelist titles lol


I don’t mind this change as long as people don’t find a way to dupe the mounts somehow by transferring their alts off of their accounts or something. I don’t see why we shouldn’t be treated the same as PvE players and have access to all the mounts that we have earned on our account.

I think the change for this is whatever, glad mounts + titles have honestly lost their “elite” edge to them, and have for many many years. It’ll be fun to be able to ride my glad mounts on alts, my fearless drake is my baby and it’s the only drake I wish I could use on everything.

So I’m for this change, hopefully they also make titles class wide, that would be very sick as well :slight_smile:

Then there would be zero point, cause then you will get fotm rerolls, like op, who can’t earn it on other classes.

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u guys arent hyped about everyone who makes a fresh alt and is 1800 tops but has their glad mount and says they are glad on that class but are actual cans???

They posted it in the beta forums where people can’t comment if you don’t have access to it. Way to dodge getting feedback on the topic by doing so.


you can easily verify someones true exp using check-pvp. fr

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No I don’t approve. I don’t like the change. I mean it’s cool, but it defeats the purpose of playing alts. Why would I try to get gladiator on my lock if I have it on my mage already. If they made the mounts class specific that would make more sense. Say you get gladiator on a mage. Every alt mage Can use it, because it represents your skill in PvP that class


That website doesn’t even have like half my alts on there.

This would be ok

If the season ended right now r1 would be 2831 for horde and 2844 for alliance. You can do the math yourself and figure out that you’re wrong before posting.

Yes it’s a fantastic change. As someone who pushed rank in OG Vanilla for the titles and then went hardcore nolife for raiding and Arena in the first season of TBC because I wanted that 330% flight speed for farming(played a Holy Paladin) I love having this stuff account wide. I quit WoW shortly Season 1 when I moved to the EU for school. When I started playing again it was the start of Wrath and my main became a DK. It sucked not having the mount but as they were actual items back then I couldn’t complain much.

When mounts became account wide it felt like a kick in the face that raid drop mounts were account wide and my glad mount wasn’t. This was before everyone seemed to farm up Invincible making that kind of a moot point…but now we’ve got some really rare purchasable/raid mounts and I’m happy they are finally recognising that having some of these great achievements hidden as people have re-rolled classes or factions over the years sucks. I pretty much only tank nowadays and do a little casual PvP on the side since I’m older and don’t play nearly as much as I did at 22.

I always thought they should just keep the current expansion’s glad mounts locked to characters to keep the integrity of that character. Each expansion is almost like a new game with the ever evolving meta/classes. The fact I’ll have a Swift Nether Drake in Shadowlands won’t really matter. It’ll just show I’m an old fart that’s been playing this game for a long time.


oh wow i didnt think participation was that low. i just went off the top of my head since ppl are already 3200 rating right now. pretty sure in previous seasons when ppl are 3.2-3.3 r1 is usually at least 3k+

so i guess that means glad would be around 2650-27ish, still substantially higher than 24

Literally lost all motivation to play alts now in this horrible meta. What’s the point.

I really wanted them to make it class wide rather than account wide, but I’m fine with this change. My partner plays mostly horde, but got glad on alliance so he hasn’t really gotten to fully use his glad mount so for cases like that I think some change was a good thing even if class would have been better.

Terrible change, like why? At least make it class specific.


When you go as far back as TBC or Wrath we’re basically talking about totally different games. Maybe making the current and most recent previous expansion mounts and making them class specific would be the best solution. All I know is for some of us older players our mounts just collect dust on characters we retired a long time ago and the mounts hold more sentimental value to that player than the prestige of being a gladiator.

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Shouldn’t be able to use a glad mount on a class you didn’t earn it with, just my two cents.


Yeah regardless of the season should be locked to class. Because you will get fotm rerolls pretending to be glad xp on something harder to play and the idea of judging will be even more muddled.

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i think it would be okay as class specific so maybe i can ride one on a draenei finally


Agreed, should only be class wide.