Give Worgen Tails

When you pay for our accounts you can tell us what we can and can’t do. Till then good luck cause we are going to keep asking and if you don’t like it just don’t bother posting here. We ask for it to be optional and you have already stated your against it cause it has to do with furrys so you lost all credibility when you said that.

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Was referring to the new colors we’re getting, not the total amount

Good thing you don’t work for them. You’d be terrible.

Doesn’t mean they can’t give them now. Or that they won’t.

It’s just an option. You don’t like it you won’t have to take it.

I won’t be.


And on that day in your honor.

I’ll ask for tails.

Just to make sure, since you’ve clearly done the gilnean heritage quest, you do know Goldrinn is still attatched to the worgen?

Not a furry.

Also won’t stop.


Oh no! his race will be ruined by a completely optional cosmetic option! Oh woe!

Oh! he has to see them! Oh woe!

Times change. So did the model. Probably will again some time.

Tails aren’t a big ask.

I’m gonna ask for tails and general customizations.

OK… So don’t pick it then.

You’ll be nice and unique by your reckoning and you won’t have a tail.


I’m not against tails. I’m saying we’ll run into the same problem if we only have a small batch of things to choose from for the Worgen form

I agree! So we should get tails, and:

  • New hairstyles
  • Tattoos
  • Fang options
  • New ears
  • Jewelry
  • Fur patterns separate from color (like vulpera)
  • Snout options (like vulpera)
  • Unhunched males
  • Pure black fur color
  • Antlers (druid-only)

Cool. Ask for general stuff and tails. More is better. Not more until this one thing I don’t care about.

Folk want it they can ask for it.




Add worgen tails as a cloak socket option.

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Scar options is another big one. Weird how we can only get scars off of one face appearance for both male and female worgens.

Option to change hair/ear color since at the moment both are tied to fur color/face option.

BALD OPTION… wait no, that’s cursed, please don’t give us bald option like the other races.

Option to fight bare handed, we’ve got claws, let us use it.

Most importantly, #GiveWorgenTails


This post is so good. Everyone who’s participated in this thread will want to check this out.


only if they’re hot pink with a pony head on the end.

Caelus wants Worgen tails so could we just get this done already?


Timestamp - 7:34

I am very sure the Worgens here will drool after seeing the tail, fur and ferociousness of the Worgen shown in this video. Fast forward to timestamp - 7:34 to see that worgen.


The guildie support is :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :pray: :raised_hands: :call_me_hand: :+1: :heart_eyes:


Watch Wolfie’s video! It is so amazing!


Thanks Leelinn!

<3 <3 <3

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Apparently I’ve “reached the maximum amount of likes, and must wait 3 hours before trying again.”

:roll_eyes: :worried:


No. Thanks to you for doing an excellent job and showing the seriousness of the matter to connoisseurs of the worgen race with respect to more and better customizations that are more representative of the worgen.
I watched the video 3 times. A great job. I loved everything. Very enlightening, very didactic, very objective and very serious.

I really thank you for a great service to the cause supported by everyone who comes here to propose this customization, and others that would be very welcome as needed, that would gladden the hearts of everyone who are favorable to the inclusion of tails, wolfish ears, true solid black color, upright position and others.

Thank you for your time and effort to help.
And thanks to everyone who is supporting this idea.


This is a beautiful sight, isn’t it? Glorious. :heart:
and the attacks he makes with his hands …
I know that many melees would love to be able to do that. :heart_eyes:

It is important to remember the troop of wolves that is shown in 06:16. :wolf:

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Optional Worgen tails, please!