Give Worgen Tails

So anyways, Give worgen optional tails Blizzard.

Make tails an option. If the human body can go through such a change of the face the least it can do is add a tail for a counterbalance to the hunched forward running.


“But if you try, sometimes you get what you need.”

As somebody who got a “niche” thing they wanted after leaving feedback,

Give worgen tails.

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I just want to feel like I’m not going to trip on my own feet when I walk.

Give me a tail, please and thanks.

Customization Options

In Shadowlands, you guys added a bunch of new character customization options and overhauled the whole character creation screen. The scope and breadth of Dracthyr customization is that taken to the extreme, with millions of options. It really seems like you guys are trying to push customization to the limit with the Dracthyr. Are you using that as a way to test out future changes for other races? Will this work as a template for future customization options for other races?

I mean, I think yes. We say ‘the extreme" or “push it to the limit,” and we want to keep raising that bar over time. Every new class, new race, everything we do we want to set a new standard for fidelity. And then where possible, we want to expand that and go back and bring others up to that bar. In a sense, going way back, 10 years ago in Mists of Pandaria, the Pandaren would just have smoother animations, crisper, higher level of fidelity than any other player races. Then we strove to make updated player models for everyone else down the line.

It was really exciting to see the lessons the artists have learned and the tech we’ve gotten to enable Dracthyr character customization. Bringing some of that to all of the existing player races is obviously a monumental project but I think it’s a direction we clearly want to move in. I think that giving people more ability to express and customize their avatars in our world is fundamental to what an MMO is all about. The fact that we’ve seen, even internally, people’s first experience sitting down and checking out Dracthyr, people spending 20 minutes in character creation, tinkering and finding the perfect one for them; who wouldn’t want that for every one of our player races? That should be the connection that everyone feels to their character, that truly feels like it’s theirs. Potentially, your character will literally not look like any other you’re going to meet no matter how much WoW you play.

I guess that’s a good news to know that they will not stop expanding the customization options.
The question now is “when and which race” so…

Let’s keep going to make Blizzard remember our wishes :wink:


Hate to tell you but posting your post is in vain. We Worgen players are paying customers just like everyone else and we have a right to post our wishes for the race we play. Every time someone comes here to tell us we can’t talk about options for the race we play it only reinforces our post by bringing it to the top of the list where it should be and will continue to be till Blizzard decides what customization to give Worgen. Optional tails, lore correct 8 foot size, more customization for our core look, optional posture for males, optional claw attacks for melee classes, use the waltz dance in human form, give us unique Gilnean human options, and scars in both forms. If they can give so many options to other races they can show love to Worgen one of the last core races still waiting for love to be shown.


What a sad attitude. Asking for improvements and options is never in vain. If that were true, all the recent appearance options the elves have received would never have happened.


Don’t forget some unique druid forms for Worgen. Its nice using Night Elf models for the last … forever but give us Pack Form rather than kitty. Every other druid race forms are instantly noticeable. Let Worgen join those ranks.


Its hilarious the guy quotes the song as if the meaning behind the song is to just lay down and die instead of trying.

“Yeah if you have dreams, don’t even bother trying, there’s no point” -The Rolling Stones?

(Also if elves get to have every contact color under the rainbow and even get to be a part of the new race, its not too much to ask for doggers to get their wag wag back)


If they can put tails on dragons they can do it for worgen .



My best bud mains Worgen, it’s his preferred character fantasy, he’s part of the impressively large number of players who would like tail options.

Finally my preferred character fantasy with a scaled race is becoming available and it has a tail.
It’s time for the Worgen to get taller if they want and some more options to fill out that new standard of player uniqueness.


The irony of you not understanding the message to that song and posting the exact opposite meaning here with one line out of context is absolutely overwhelming.

Not that I would expect people that get tilted over things that don’t affect them whatsoever would understand lyrical messages and decipher them properly.


When i saw the snout options for the dracthyr i sensed a little hope about getting the same treatment for worgens. I don’t know how many of you are acquainted
with the private server of epsilon, there are perfect examples of face/snout change for worgen.(tails,manes and etc. as well)


New Gnoll models, which use the worgen male rig, have tails (of various lengths)!
This is good news for us, fam.

Give worgen tail options!


The tails, all wagging
Worgen should feel such happiness
Else I’ll roll a Gnoll

Give Worgen Tails


Worgens currently only have 5 unique options (4 if you’re a dk) to choose from as far as customization goes. The least out of every single race, that’s including allied races. Dragthyr in their dragon form have 40, 40 unique options.

Hopefully when they finally get to the other races, worgens are one of the first races they pick and not the last seeing as we literally got nothing in terms of unique options compared to the other core races.

Still holding out for that tail option, along with hair options, tattoo options, size options seeing as body type is now a thing thanks to dragthyr, claw options, and many more!



Going to make a prediction here:
Gnolls become the last allied race slot for Worgen and with that Worgen will get a tail option later in Dragonflight.


Actually now that you mention the gnolls…

Vulperas, consider yourselves safe. One of the solutions was to… borrow… your tails, but now we can do what we usually do with gnolls, but instead of gnolls paws we collect gnolls tails!


Give worgans tails please.