Give Worgen Tails

Someone put the diaper on the wrong end of this gnome.


How is this any different from the high elfers demanding Blizzard give them a race then when Blizzard gave them customizations they demanded more and more.

Worgens are not demanding optional tails they are asking for when their turn comes to get them while the high elfers even though they had a turn are still demanding stuff be taken away from other races.


I think you mean Vulpera :stuck_out_tongue:

9.2.5 can’t come out fast enough.


The inherent irony in this statement, considering that in the same post, you also say…


No one demanded anything. We’re requesting an optional tail.

Though since you came in here with this rhetoric…

Worgen customization list
Still a work in progress.


Tail Options

  • Optional Tails, Including a No Tail Toggle, and varying appearances for said tails.

Apperance can come in two parts.
None, Short, Medium and Long sizes.
Thin, Fluffy and Curled Shapes.

  • Accessories for the tails.

Rose for the tail, little bits of jewelry for the tail. That sort of thing.

Body and Fur

  • Upright Posture.
  • Correct Eight Foot Tall Size.
  • Solid Black Fur.
  • Shaggier Fur options.
  • Optional Ears On The Top Of The Head.

Hair and Head

  • Larger more visible braids/patches/extensions for hair.
  • More hair decorations/accesories (small hats and roses for example).
  • Separate Beard options and add more beard styles.
  • Mane Color options.
  • Heterchromia Eyes for all sides and colors.
  • Blind Options for both sides and all colors.
  • More Glowing Eye options.
  • More Muzzle shapes.
  • More Natural Teeth Option (Thinking More like Genn).

  • More Ear Options and Shapes.
  • Separate Scars from Faces.
  • More facial scars and damaged ear options.
  • Large body scars/bite marks/claw marks. We’re worgen… like for real.
  • Visible corresponding scars in human form!!!


  • Jewelry options for male and female.
  • Gilnean Rose for our hair.


  • Add The Melee Claw Animation.
  • A No Weapons Transmog.


  • Monk

The reasoning for us not having them was tied to our locked in timeline for our starting zone. This is no longer an issue as all players can now start in Exiles Reach.

  • Paladin

The Gilnean’s were around when the Silver Hand was made. Let us have our paladins damnit! They already claimed that the curse doesn’t stop the priests from being able to be holy.

  • Shaman

Hey it worked for the Kul’Tirans right? No reason we can’t learn. (Also there is a Worgen Shaman in Ashenvale…)

Feel free to ask me to add more things.

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Give Worgen Tails


Still no news on them tails, Blizz
They’d really be appreciated as an option


Very well thought out! Just reading this list makes me excited for the potential worgen have.

I miss being worgen myself but I dont miss trying to pug Alli side, If they got rid of faction barriers i would be worgen again in a heart beat if they added even one of your suggestions.

Give worgens tails!


I just wanna tame worgen again.

Nope never going to happen. have a good day.
#give worgen tails


What are you offering?

As long as the offer includes a lore correct 8 foot size and optional tail I can stop taming other races as pets…

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I miss my Worgen friend, even if I never got to have them on my Worgen since it was removed by then.


1111 likes on the main post, over 9k replies, 22k+ likes overall likes in the thread. Hopefully we get our answer at some point between now and Dragonflight

The best thing ever would be if a blue post out of no where comes in and says 3 simple words:

“Gives worgen tails.”


I hate to be a downer, but Blizzard is not going to give you guys a tail. :frowning:

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You never know. For the longest time Blizzard was against giving high elves and were giving the silent treatment, and eventually they finally got it. Heck, we’re still waiting for bearded trolls. xD

Theres still a big batch of customization options that needs being done, and worgens are one of those races that are still missing customization options since we were basically skipped out in Shadowlands. Only time will tell.


Give Worgen tails, it’ll help them with balance when running on trails, be quick about it don’t be snails, this long wait for em fails.


The same way they were never going to let people play vulpera as an allied race? :thinking:

I already fell. Look how sad I was moments before hitting the ground.

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That’s an unforgivable mistake!

These look great!