Give Worgen Tails

By this point them getting offended by a dad joke doesn’t surprise me, they’ve been ranting a lot honestly that I’m just sitting back and watching them get roasted at this point. Hmm… roast beef… why am I craving Arby’s now lol

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Now that we’re talking about food I could go for a nice stack of ribs right about now… Wanna join me?


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People here were offended by less and you know that.

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What where they offended of

In the official Cataclysm art book there is a worgen female shown to clearly have a tail. As such in your words this means worgen are supposed to have tails and your words saying they shouldn’t combined with your words saying the artist’s vision is canon means your arguments are null and void. It is canon they were supposed to have tails but due to complications of the past they for some reason were pushed out without them, all we’re doing is requesting this be rectified and give them what they’re supposed to have. Any further complaints that they shouldn’t from you will only make you look more like an obvious troll so again… please stop your mooing at the crowd of wolves and foxes and leave us in peace.


Should be bumping the Worgen Customization thread. They need more than just tails to be on par with other races…


I don’t have a reroll advanced enough with their building to cross this character.

Neena is interesting because she said: “I lived my whole life with the curse”

Considering that between Cataclysm and BfA, only 6 years has passed according to “Before the storm” and that the character seems to be an adult, it’s safe to assume that Neena is one of the night elves worgen and they are not that common.

Another fact to consider is “her whole life” meaning that she was a worgen even in her childhood.
So…does it means that now we have a “living” proof that the worgens can give birth to a worgen child unlike what was stated before by the devs?


Well ingame Worgen clearly don’t. Are you going to say that a few instances trump the 10,000’s ingame?

That’s your opinion however I disagree.

If you cannot handle the conversation you can leave, you don’t have to be here nobody is forcing you. “GET OUT WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE” who has this mindset? It’s down right disgusting.

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You were told that because instead of trying to have a civil conversation your first post was Worgen players should have their accounts deleted. How do you think we are going to respond to a troll like you?


I’m kinda curious.

Are you Ushi using a new account?

Ushi hasn’t made a post since April but always likes your post.

I know some folk who get banned can still like things and many of your posts follow a similar bent.

(no idea if Ushi got banned but given their post history I could see it happen.)

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A Worgen with a tail doesn’t magically make them look identical to any other race, if anything it makes them more unique.

Yet another disingenuous argument.


You’re missing context. The little fox thing suggested that worgen should receive a tail as blessing like high mountain tauren got their antlers.

Which only affects those that play worgen. Nothing is being taken from you, High mountain still have there antlers and worgen still look unique from any other race in the game.


Yea worgen still look unique they’re a beast race without a tail, adding that destroys that uniqueness. Highmountain would lose their uniqueness it’s boring having everything the same.

Worgen are unique in wow because we’re a werewolf race.

Having a tail won’t make us suddenly exactly like minotaurs.

Sorry I mean Tauren.

This “worgen are unique so they can’t have tails” argument makes zero sense.


Not all werewolves have tails sorry

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This worgen is here again to express. I rather not have tails unless they can fix the clipping issue. Having to stare at vulpera is bad enough.

I agree they need to fix the clipping issues with both races but that’s why players are asking for it to be optional. then the players that don’t want it don’t have to have it .


For that the solution is simple: Put the worgen at the same size as a Tauren as they are supposed to be in lore because many clipping problems comes from there.

But the devs are not really willing to do this.


It being optional won’t stop me from seeing it everywhere. I rather the game not be bigger eyesore. It’s something that needs to be addressed before tails are put in. I understand there is already lots of clipping, but we are getting to a critical mass here. It won’t be much more before its the straw that breaks the camels back.