Give Worgen Tails


Yet another amazing specimen of werewolf culture. I wonder how popular worgen would be if their males were as stunning to look at as the werewolf in this pic, with the amazing fluffy tail and such a nice bit of muscle.


Does blizz rly read forums as they say they do?
Cuz I see post been made 2 yrs ago n still no tail

11k posts, not one blue post, the lady dracthyr suddenly start spewing a joke about worgen wanting tails. Yeah I’d say if they are reading this thread we may be getting looked over by the anti worgen part of the team as I doubt the part of the team that cares about worgen would be so quiet and cruel. Just give worgen’s tails already, not that hard to do… not like we’re asking for sliders or lewd options…just a tail. Sadly I’ve got this odd feeling they’ll add the worgen form as a visage for dracthyr and it’ll have a tail as if they’re mocking those of us who want worgen to get an optional tail

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They made a joke about it tho

According to Preach, they do:

Meaning that obviously they know what we are asking and the joke is an evidence of this.

So if you the devs are really reading this, do not forget our wishlist at least:


Ion wants to stress that the entire team is extremely passionate about the game, and the most hurtful community feedback is seeing some claim that they don’t care.

Worgen players beg to differ. Blizzard has shown over the 12+ years the race has existed they don’t care and even went so far as to attack the player base for asking for customization. They do not care when we were stuck with the Worst player model in the game for 10 years and still don’t care to this day as the Worgen player base suffered at the hands of the devs. Worgen are still the only core race in the game who never got any kind of racial update when every other core race did. We dont even get our own racial banner in events like the anniversary event we are given some lousy mini alliance banner. Worgen were given 12 eye colors, 3 skin colors and that was it when it came to our customization looks. Poor Deathknights don’t even get the eyes. And for those who will run in and say… Oh but you get to customize your human form. Sure we do but there is nothing and I do mean nothing unique to set a Gilneas human apart from a Stormwind human. So ya when we say the devs over at Blizzard don’t care about the Worgen players we do mean it. Until Worgen are given some love Blizzard has treated the race like dirt for far too long and if their feelings are hurt by our comments so be it. Treat Worgen players better and we will treat you better Blizzard. It took ten years to get the HD model revamp… are you really shocked that no one wanted to play the race with one of the worst models in WoWs history. Then to add to it all they make a snarky joke about Worgen with the new race that has some of the best customization in the game. Ya… I don’t mind the joke heck I turn it on people all the time but really Blizzard wants respect of the player base they need to earn it and not be tone deaf to the players.


and yet I can’t help but wonder… why did they even bother to give worgen in the first place?

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they probably were at a loss for ideas and figured people would be ticked if alliance got another set of stormwind humans and horde got goblins so they gave alliance worgen. Sadly they gave alliance worgen then proceeded to ignore worgen and even now they treat worgen like the bratty step child and even gave the new race that cruel joke when worgen ask for more customizations. Even the human form isn’t unique to them as like Asheru said above they’re stormwind humans that tell worgen jokes but still look and dance the same as stormwind humans. They focused on their favorite part of the worgen last time…the stormwind human form and gave the true worgen form barely anything and they call this just? Yeah no Asheru’s right if Blizz wants us to stop calling them lazy then they need to get off their high horses and give the most neglected race in the game their due instead of treating them like a joke. They need to stop prioritizing elves and stormwind humans as by this point the races that get the most are those two and it goes without question it’s annoying as sin.


it’s almost as if they do just enough to attract the Furry community (and some of them can be big money spenders) But not actually spend the time and investment for them.


They’ll lure furries in then give them the finger as they’re tormented by the furry haters. Yeah… kinda how it’s been although one can play a tauren or panda or worgen or vulpera and not be a furry. May sound crazy but it’s true… what I’d like if anything is for people to stop trying to turn the word furry into a slur because it’s dumb. I mean I have to wonder if people who act as if the word itself is a slur are immature children or just… well… not playing with a full deck of cards as it were. Still… hoping worgen get tails, they’d look so amazing with them it’s surprising it hasn’t become a thing yet


And people will always home in on something, in order to make themselves feel better. I don’t like it either. I know not everyone who plays as one would be, and heck some of the furry community also play elves and other races too!

Tails Rule, and worgen need them! their running animation feels off centered without it


Has anybody noted yet that one the most common physical characteristics of werewolves across most cultures is the lack of a tail?

Most of the furry fandom are really decent people too, sadly all those horrible rumors about them going around and despite the fandom having nothing to do with those horrible rumors people still treat them like dirt. Sad really… I’ve got a lot of amazing friends who’re furries but… it doesn’t take a genius to see people can be cruel especially to groups they don’t understand. I’d honestly wonder if anthros became a thing IRL…how would that end up?


Honestly… and the sad part is, they will likely be treated as “less than human”
History tends to repeat itself. It’s happened in the past, it can happen again.

Yeah… I raised that question to a buddy of mine and he said the same. Said it was a topic to not think too hard about as it’d become a sensitive topic. At least we got games like WoW where we don’t gotta deal with such topics, although I’d love to see worgen get some attention and tail options.


I hope all races get the same treatment as Drakthyr or at least their Visage form.


Those are skin walkers for the most part there are both examples in history of tailed werewolves and non tailed werewolves. But here’s the best part of this thread we are asking for it to be optional. You know a choice to what kind of look you want. It’s also called customization and it’s great cause it allows someone to choose what they would like. Seeing the customization put into Dracthyr we know Blizzard can do it if they set thier minds to it.


Still here Blizzard we didn’t just go away. Now that launch is over how about a 10.0.5 update of more Customizations? Come on you know you want to.


Come on blizz , even if we dont retake gilneas in the near future along with boom of customizations, give us something that would make the waiting more agreeably. :flushed: :eyes: