Give us OLD AV

Why can we not just have the game as it was presented in the classic era? Why does everything have to be watered down or edited?


Wait, they are adding the Burning Crusade AV to Classic WoW? How does that even make sense? Reinforcements were never in vanilla, not even 1.12, it was always the boss kill.


I dont remember this - but we also have massive server pops now in comparison based on what people are saying at least. I remember always seeing at least 3 games to choose from back when they had lobbies

We’re getting the AV that was in 1.12, it doesn’t have reinforcements.

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Oh the way he was talking made it sound like we were.

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Yeah, I think he’s just mistaken.


+1 for old AV
I want to retake mines, escort bat riders, and ride along side a mounted offencive.

This comes up now and then, and the vast majority of the community seem to want old AV.

I’d be fine if it were a limited thing, like for a phase it’s classic version so ppl can play AV as it was intended
But I won’t be happy if it’s the watered down retail point crap AV.

I really hope bliz listens to their classic player base


I was apparently - thanks for clearing this up!

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Those things are in 1.12 AV. What’s missing is:

  • Korrak and the Winterax Trolls.
  • Goblin Shredders.
  • Many NPC’s, including the ones that dropped explosive mines all over the place.
  • The terrain was modified slightly.
  • Other things I’m probably missing.
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Shouldn’t that have been for Classic WoW?

Modified terrain I believe was block off the Syndicate, gnolls, and trolls? I know what Korrak would do, never learned what the Syndicate did.

Also missing: a considerable chunk of the original mob difficulty. Sindicate area also.

I really have to wonder how the “clarity” that Ion spoke of has relevance now that retail is getting early AV custom made, and classic is built on the same framework as retail.


They’re doing it to try and draw players back to BFA. Not a bad idea by blizz seeing as they know players are antsy for bg’s to come out, “hey come take a break from classic and check out the old AV that will be released at a later phase in classic early!”

All it takes is 20 or so Gigs of your hard drive!

Yeah, wow was changed for a reason too. Why should we want classic? Clearly retail is the superior game!

anyways. give us old AV Activision.


I was there too. I hope you take it to heart when I say, yeah I do want it.

An hour in queue is fine. If you want fast queues, do the other 2 BGs. If the rewards are “crap” in your opinion, why do you even care about the subject? A free epic mount is “crap”? Epics are “crap”?

Lastly, if blizzard insists on doing cross realm BGs, then your whole queue wait argument is moot.

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You can make this argument for all kinds of things: lfr, lfd, flying, every convenience imaginable. The only difference is, of course, AV was watered down and neutered by 1.12. So it’s still authentic Vanilla.

That doesn’t make it the right choice for Classic though, because…it isn’t. What Classic should strive for is offering something different from Current WoW. And 1.12 AV is the most easily zergable time in the battleground’s existence. You don’t even have to take down towers or bunkers. There’s no stacking buff, and the mobs associated with those towers aren’t aggro attached to Drek and Vann. So you can pull them, pull him, reset them and take just him.

Even TBC fixed those things with the stacking buff and linking aggro. So while it added resources it actually become MUCH harder to zerg compared to 1.12. We’re getting literally the easiest version of AV ever. It’s a damn shame. 1.5-1.7 AV would have been truly epic and offer something very few got to experience. Something radically different from what players can experience anywhere right now.


So we’re getting the worst version of AV in WoW’s history. Nice. So much for “authentic classic experience”.

Good job Activision, continue that 15 year cycle of ruining every game you’ve ever made.


I’ve played it for years on p servers. It’s exactly what i want.

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I seem to recall a certain Blizzard employee saying something similar to re-releasing Classic (and other expansion based servers.) Yet, here we are with Classic and it’s booming.

I was there too. I recall seeing so many players waiting in Org it made my pc almost fry itself. It was a literal sea of text on my screen of people wanting to do it.

It was awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So speak only for yourself man.