Give us hurricane

This is the perfect time for us to have hurricane. It just makes sense! We have nothing to do after starfall. STARFALL WAS DESIGNED AROUND HURRICANE. Anybody who played wotlk and tbc KNOWS THIS. :cloud_with_rain: !!! Let it be Known!!


It used to be the capstone talent in the original vanilla balance tree :smiley:

Would love to see it come back in some way.


Still wish this was coming back. I miss hurricane. It’s such a fun spell.

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Give us new moon baseline pre BFA changes too while you are at it and old typhoon that was an actual wave rather than a wet fart.

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I actually think it would be awesome to have Hurricane as an AOE that centers around your character similar to the original effect. Instead of making it baseline druid though I think it would be perfect for Guardian Druid. It would help grab taunt and give Guardian a nice constant AOE. Make it like 15 seconds with a 15 second cooldown so it’s something you can keep up for low dmg AOE pressure.

We will have stuff to do after starfall now though… more starfalls. Which might sound lame, but honestly hop on the PTR and see how crazy our cleave starts to look. Visually, it’s pretty awesome.

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For sure, which is why I’m suggesting give hurricane to Guardian Druid. Make it an AOE that can move with the player to help grab taunt and put AOE pressure.

If blizzard added in hurricane it would just mean that starfall would need to do less AOE damage to balance it out. We already do high AOE damage so adding more AOE abilities to use outside of star fall would force them to just nerf star fall.

I could see them doing it if starfall was the old version which was just a 1 minute cooldown aoe ability that lasted 12 seconds but now they are changing it to a stackable buff you keep up 24/7 on large packs.