Give us an option for original UI

Blizzard, can you please just add a button that lets us use the old UI that we’ve had for 17 years. I’ve used that UI from the first day of vanilla and I’ve gotten cutting edge every tier with it. I find the new UI to not be to my liking at all and would like a way to revert to the OG. I know many people who feel the same way.

I understand wanting to make your game look new and fresh. That’s just fine for attracting new players, but please give some of us veterans the options to stick with what we know and love.


I posted a more accurate layout as an import string in THIS THREAD on the same topic. Maybe the devs will just make the “Classic (preset)” closer to 9.2.7 and have that be the default (or give you an option on first login to switch from Modern to Classic).

I really think the Modern layout is better, but I understand those that don’t want the new layout should have an easy option to get the 9.2.7 layout without fiddling around in the HUD Edit Mode for 10+ minutes.


It’s close in function but still doesn’t feel right. Also the bars aren’t perfectly aligned. For someone with OCD not being able to snap the bars together is the most tilting thing I’ve ever seen them put in this game


Lots of folks asking for “snap-to-grid” and some asking for “snap-to-object” but it’s not there yet. Hopefully the devs add that functionality into the HUD Edit Mode before launch.


I can see people squinting trying to find the tabs on the bottom right. The current form at least gives it some substance to see clearly where and what each button does. The new form is too faded or transparent, makes it difficult to navigate and will turn away new players; unless you don’t care for new players then good job!


Agreed I’d like to keep the classic ui


There’s addon already for it:


This seems to be restoring the BFA UI changes to something pre-BFA that has no buttons at all for the “System” functions Character (C) through Game-Menu and it’s not clear the LFG icon would be restored to the SL position on the mini-map.

Have you tried this on the PTR? I’m sure it will be updated by the author for 10.0 at some point, assuming Blizzard didn’t break this add-on with API changes they needed for the new HUD Edit Mode. I’d rather the devs just made the existing “Classic (preset)” actually look like 9.2.7 than force people to use an add-on to get back to what they already had.

If you look up in the top left where it says “modern” if you click on that drop down, there is an option for “Classic” which puts everything the way it is on live.

Unless you’re talking the skin? But as far as placement, there is a load out for the UI elements to be positioned in their original places.

This is ‘Classic’ on the PTR.

This is the default UI on live:

They are absolutely not the same.


It does not put the action bars the way there were on live… they are still 3x12 instead of 2x18 and the icons are larger than they are on live. There’s also no way to get the “bar art” that we have on live–the new gryphons look worse than what’s on live but at least you can hide them (although you can’t move them or re-size them).


I agree with needing an option for the original UI. I love some of the ideas for being able to rearrange placement; however, the design concepts feel like a cheap knockoff of WoW and I just imagine I’m playing a free MMO.

The default placement of everything is also chaotic depending on screen settings and on smaller screens cast bars and chat overlap and are unable to be seen unless you move around the UI.


And the new UI looks the same, just not covered in all the textures from vanilla. Besides the Gryphon textures being weak in comparison, it looks fine.

It’s made to be customized. You guys need to try moving stuff and utilizing the UI customization instead of immediately asking for the OG stuff. This will benefit you a lot once you guys stop being so stubborn lmao


While made to be customized it should also be useable. Furthermore, it’s only one of the issues that can be easily fixed and having the saved placement makes it easy. The motifs are still watered down, time/lfg unable to be placed back on the mini-map, and unable to use old action bars are still an issue. The ability to move placement shouldn’t punish us with a water down, ugly, less friendly UI and if we are made to choice between the two I would rather be ‘stuborn’ and have the original.


To be fair, the devs should make the “Classic (preset)” look much closer to the default UI in 9.2.7–that includes action bars being 2x18 (and not 3x12) and cast/stance/etc being where they were.

I get that it’s moveable (and I’ve embraced the new UI layout with my own tweaks), but when you provide a “Classic” preset, don’t do half the job (target/focus frames + right action bars) and call it done.


Just downloaded the PTR and the UI is an awful mess. Is there an option to put it as it is currently on live?
Also, this is VERY new player unfriendly.

Edit: Yeah this is annoying and frustrating. Deleting the PTR until this is addressed.


I agree about needing the classic ui but to be 100% clear I want the pre BFA ui as an option for a preset layout I would also like the ability to move the bag and menu bar from where its at and change the size in the modern ui

i don’t think we should need an addon for something that blizzard can easily do


Disagree. It really opens up a can of worms that is just an undue burden. What version of the previous UI should be retained? The one currently in Shadowlands that has both good and UI elements (conduit screen) mixed with very old ones (player frames)? Or go back further to say, “classic” raid frames? What happens when a new UI element needs to be created, like the talent view? Make multiple versions?

Change is hard, for sure. But I think if you want an old UI, that’s exactly what someone is going to build an addon for.


I just want the option to enable a classic version of my action bars. I dont mind the rest of the new UI but I would like an option for setting my action bars back to how they currently are in shadowlands.