Give the players RDF so they can play the game

It’s not even possible to use it, so this argument doesn’t really work. It would work if RDF WAS IN THE GAME, and people were asking for it to be removed, but hat’s not the case, is it?

How do you know?

The game doesn’t exist yet. Are we really going to create an argument out of the definition of “is?”

no and they are not putting it in thank god thanks for coming to my TEd talk

Ummm…maybe by the hundreds of people who say they won’t play if they don’t have it? Probably a small percentage of those who actually speak out.

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Idk why we can’t at least compromise on limited RDF, with no cross realm or teleportation. Just a tool that forms the group for you. Not having it at all is a huge mistake

That would be a perfect compromise…thank you for that! :slight_smile:

Um… are you aware that they are beta testing it… like right now? They’ve not only not added RDF on the beta, they’ve explicitly come out and said they have no plans to add it in at all.

Hundreds you say? Where are you finding these hundreds of people? And how do you know they’re telling the truth?

We’ve been playing the game for three years without RDF and no issues. The casual audience will move on in a month as they always do RDF or not.

And if you’re telling people that don’t want RDF to “just don’t use it” then don’t be upset when I tell you to “just don’t play classic”. Nobody is making you play classic.

  1. That’s a beta that will never be released.
  2. WotLK is using the modern client. Which has RDF
  3. WotLK had RDF. The old client.
  4. Blizzard has to disable, as in remove, RDF. If can be readded.

RDF exists just as much as WotLK exists.

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WOTLK had RDF sure. For about 40% of its patch systems and if you’d like to stretch that to content patches exclusively then it’s still less than half.

You do realize that it’s using the legion version of Warden and has had all of these things long since removed (for more than 3 years)? The beta is just finishing development and the deadline is in 6 weeks. It’s not coming out with wrath.

But it’s a version of the game that exists, and doesn’t have RDF.

Ok, but does Classic Wrath have RDF currently? Will it have it when it releases to the public?

It’s strange that you’re trying to not only argue semantics here, but argue it poorly. No, RDF does not exist in Classic Wrath. And they have no plans to add it in either. I’m not sure what you are misunderstanding about this.

So the idea that “Just don’t use RDF if you don’t like it” doesn’t make sense, because it assumes RDF can even be used, but it can’t, because it doesn’t exist in Classic Wrath.

Moot point when Blizzard has been using the last version of the patches as it is the “most complete version of the game” - their words.

There’s a lot of homework required here but Blizzard used the Legion client to build the prototype. They then updated to the modern client so they don’t have to manage 2 MMO’s. They manage 1 infrastruction.

There’s Blue post from back in the day discussing this. Not going to be the one digging them up.

Only part of your post worth replying to is this and the answer is: Blizzard changes their mind. - Welcome to forum discussion. People want RDF. Saying “but it doesn’t exist” is only an attempt to stop discussion.

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Yeah so the tools you’re asking for have long since been removed from the client they actually used to develop the game which was legion warden. They’ve obviously updated the game because it runs on the same servers and they have to be able to address hackers/botters without bothering to pay GM’s.

Either way as you’ve even noted the game has had these features removed and readding them isn’t as simple as pressing a button. They’ve also said prior in blueposts that many mechanics that are in retail weren’t compatable for classic and had to be totally scrapped and retooled. Either way you wont be getting LFD anytime soon.

Because you can’t reply to the rest, can you?

Why do you think they’ve yet to change their mind about RDF?

Nope. It’s an attempt to shift the discussion into something more productive. Speaking about RDF as if it already exists is nonproductive. But hey, if that’s what you want to center your discussion around, so be it, just don’t be surprised when Blizzard continues to stand their ground on this, as they have for months now.

Allowing other players to enjoy the game the way they want to just makes too much sense for an anti-social group to agree with.


as long as it doesnt teleport you, idc.

here here… say it sister

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