Give the Horde better leaders

Anduin is better then Thrall.
Malfurion and Tyrande are better then Rokhan.
The council of three hammers is better then Baine.
Gelbin is better then Gazlowe.
Velen is better then Bob.
Genn Greymane is better then Voss.
Aysa is better then Ji.
Alleria and Umbric are better then Thalyssra.
Turyalon and Fareeya are better then Mayla.
Moira is better then Geya’rah.
Erazmin is better then Kiro.
and Jaina is better then Talanji.

All in all the leaders the Horde currently has are nothing but utter trash. They need to die. Period. After they are killed a new Horde leadership would look like this:

Orcs - Doomhammer
Trolls - Jindo
Tauren - Magatha
Undead- Sylvanas
blood elves - Kael’thas
Goblins - Gallywix
Pandaren - Chen Stormstout
Mag’har -AU Grommash
Nightborne - Resurrected Elisande
Highmountain - Underking Dragrul
Zandalari - Resurrected King Dazar
and replace Vulpera with Mogu and bring back Lei-Shen

that is my perfect leadership for the Horde. And I will stop at nothing to get it. I hope Blizzard is reading this post and consider it a possibility.

Cheers. Your’s Erevien.

Could give the horde characters more stories or journeys.



We’re still looking vespero. I don’t see anyone so far :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you like the Alliance leaders so much, play Alliance. The Horde leaders are generally ok even if some could use more time.

You know you can just roleplay an evil character still.


All your Horde opinions are invalidated by this statement.


It is facts. There is not a single Horde leader that I like.

Can always go alliance than :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My brain had a glitch at that one, too. Frankly I think Andy’s a bit of a putz.

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Well, obviously. You’re an Alliance fanboy!! Why would you like Horde leaders when you hate the Horde?

You’re silly, Evian.


Erevien at the end of the day Blizzard will tell the story they want to tell.

And they are not going to change their minds because you keep making post after post whining, crying, and complaining about the Horde not being the Horde you personally want it to be.

Instead of beating this dead horse, do something more productive with your time. Work on stuff you want to accomplish in the game, do stuff in other games, spend time with family or friends, etc…

I just don’t think it’s heathy to just be throwing yourself into making thread after thread like this.


…Because you love Thalyssra, as is only natural.


I like all of the Horde leaders honestly, even though I think Rastakhan should have stayed as the Zandalari leader.


Just play alliance bro. You can even post on the forums as a level 10 void elf mage and nothing would be different. Youd have the “good leaders” whatever that means.

Why would Chen Stormstount want anything to do with everyone you just named?

I get your whole thing is you want the Horde to be evil but how would Chen fit in with this line up of villains?


I know for a FACT you were complaining about what a bad character this is so why praise him now?

(If you are going to troll, got to at least keep your story straight)

I will say that while I both don’t think it will happen and that it’d be incredibly messy story wise, I would enjoy Kael’thas coming back to the Blood Elves. Just miss him too much


I do not. She agreed to the peace treaty and threw the Zandalari under the bus.

Anduin might be bad but Thrall is worse. He doomed his people to poverty when he made the Orcs settle in Durotar. For that crimr execution is only fitting.

Chen is the most iconic Pandaren out there. And his first friends were Rexxar and Rokhan. Horde heroes.


How bout No. Current Horde leaders just need to be treated better by the cdev crews.
No more axe shopping for Thrall in the middle of important missions.
No more Baine needing to be rescued.

Now this is just gross heresy.

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I would delete the Vulpera fully and put in Mogu instead.