Give new hubs

For Mag’har and Vulpera. They deserve to have their own city too. It is unfair that darkiron dwarfs and mechagnomes got hubs but Mag’har and Vulpera were left empthy handed. That is unfair and needs to change. How would you do them? What would those cities look like? Tell me in the comments. I am curious to hear ideas.

I wouldn’t say unfair since HT and NB both had real city while the alliance get a ship and a rock.

But yeah, i really want those 2 to get something. Mag’har got shaft unnotice by losing their only building for the class trainer so them getting something like blackrock foundry would be awesome.

Vulpera don’t need a city. What they need is a giant caravane cary by dinosaur just moving around in the barren.


Numbers matter. Mag’har could have gotten all of draenor but that didn’t happen. Blizzard owes the Horde alot.

Vulpera are nomadic and tend to travel in caravans you egg