Give Demonology Warlocks Metamorphosis Back!

It’s pretty simple just do the death coil treatment where Death Coil was given to DK’s and we have Horrific Coil which does the same thing (pre-DK).

In this case give Demo Warlocks Metamorphosis back, have it be named Demonic Transformation (or something) and have it be a talent that we can chose which replaces our Demonic Tyrant summon.

This would add flavor back to Demo Warlocks were instead of summoning a Demonic Tyrant we BECOME a Demonic Tyrant (but with a revamped Metamorphosis Warlock model).


Yes, my friend loved Demonlogy with Metamorphosis. It was basically just being able to be a warlock tank, it was amazing!!


11/10 would give the world to be able to demonic leap again


No thanks. As warlocks we control, subjugate, and exploit demons for their power. Let those filthy demon hunters take that tainted form.


I don’t think you speak for those who actually miss old Meta.

There are people who miss the ability and there are people who moved on from the ability.

Personally, if it were to return. I’d like to see it placed in the Final Row of Talent. It and NP should have Health Scaling (or good scaling in general) to compete against Demonic Consumption.

Sac Souls becomes baseline. Just like Demonbolt has always been (and should only affect DB, not SB)


I wasn’t speaking for anyone. I took a vague rp tone but since you brought it up…

This is the literal definition of warlock in the wc universe however you feel about meta

This is my opinion and it never pretends to speak for anyone else.


By using this word, you are to imply speaking for other warlocks.

You should have said: “I don’t think Meta should come back.” NOT use the word “we” as if you would assume people agree with you.

… and since that’s your opinion. That should have been your piece.


Again, in that sentence i was simply stating what blizz has established as a warlock in the wcu. And again, it was more of an rp tone as a warlock would speak to other warlocks in a warlock town hall. Unfortunately you lack the ability to understand language on greater than a literal level and decided to lecture me on the literal use of one single word in a statement i have acknowledged is 100% my opinion.

Since that wasn’t how I used it, i assume we’re good here. I know it’s tough, but try not to let one word ruin your day.


Oh, I see. You were rping. :sweat_smile:

… and I’m not really irked with a usage of one word, not trying to lecture you even (okay maybe I sounded like I did, pardon me on that one), but I just don’t agree with an assessment behind why “we don’t need Meta”.

Different warlocks do different things and I respect your opinion. I would like to remind you though that Meta was a widely missed ability that many of us (not all) would like to see return as an option (myself included).


More or less. Just goofing around. I’m not actually wedded to lore or any skill in partucular, now that I think about it. I have more “soft” opinions in that area. Id rather not have it from a lock lore standpoint, but it wouldn’t bother me to return to it. Im actually all for people having the playstyles they enjoy.


I would love a new type of Meta! Maybe add it as a talent in 10.0 and boom we can tank. No reason we can have similar tanking to DH without all the hopping around.


new talent system is the perfect way to reintroduce metalock gameplay


I hope DH keeps the meta. Their class fantasy was nerfed enough in early SL, and they need it.
Demo locks can still summon and subjugate demons. I also don’t really see how it’ll work with current rotation, outside of the “oh, crap, I need some defense.” We don’t “need” to turn into demons.

You are right, we don’t need to turn into demons. We DO Need to be able to enslave DHs when they go meta though…


I wish this so much! And to give us tanking capabilities in it haha


Some Off Tank Demo spec with the new tree would be cool.

They absolutely should. I’m just saying Warlocks used to have Death Coil, this was removed in Wrath and given to DK’s. Later Warlocks got Horrific Coil which essentially did the same thing as there original Death Coil.

I’m saying Demo Locks get Metamorphosis back with a new name (Demonic Transformation or something) and a new Metamorphosis model. And since we have talent tree’s back it could be possible to have Metamorphosis (with different name) allow Demo Warlocks to Tank or Off tank.


Ew no

Meta was a clunky train wreck. No thank you

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If we look at this from a lore perspective than it would actually make more sense for demonology to have Metamorphosis. The entire fantasy behind demonology is being so power hungry you are willing to push the boundaries of demons, so in the process you end up becoming the demon because that is the ultimate power, which is one of the reasons that we could only maintain it for a little bit before we lost ourselves to the demon. Essentially we are becoming the ultimate demon controller by allowing the demon to enter us, giving us its power in the process, and we are fighting it back so we don’t lose control.


I see no lore mentioning this.

Maybe read the class/flavor text for demonology? In retail or classic.