Give a gold incentive for reporting botters

Mass reports should just get the attention of real workers who review the case. If they’re relying on some sort of automatic ban system like that, they’re failing hard.

I never said that. You’re a great example of bad faith arguments.

I said a system that encourages witch hunting for profit is not a good idea.

More ignorant hyperbole.

Wow, it’s almost as if youre smarter than everyone else and everyone else is dumb and has stupid opinions. You don’t have dunning kruger at all. Nope.

Welcome to the world, where you are not the center of the world and people other than you have other opinions. Wow. What a concept.

And to give you a positive way to deal with bots… Hire more GMs and pay them more. Give them tools to actively respond, test, review, and ban bots.

Automation is nice for bobby’s business but it’s not good for accurate and effective not enforcement. You need better tools for detection and better people to take action.

You know, like the old days where GMs actually did more than just read the script and try to close with no resolution.

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Automation is the way of the play with 2021 video game companies. League of legends, blizzard, fortnite, pretty much every big game developer has phased or reduced mod teams and has mostly automated systems, and that isn’t likely to change, because ya know, GMs require those pesky salaries, which is why my suggestion which is 100% free is one blizzard has a higher chance of actually considering

You ever tried to buy dreamfoil or gromsblood on the auction house in mass over a 3 month period? Check out nexushub price histories for easily notable items like large brilliant shards across servers and tell me again that they don’t ban bots in waves… every single person who has paid an ounce of attention to the economy knows that bots get banned and frequently. Go pick on a REAL bad idea, this is clever and something that some other modern games do to reward finding cheaters.

Oh crap, Dunning Kruger. That’s a good one for the bingo card. When you said “bad faith argument” I thought for sure you’d give me the straw man for my bingo card.

I am speaking for myself. As I stated I have reported plenty and even included video of the automated actions they are doing. Yet they are still there day after day

Blizzard sending me a message when they ban a bot is better than just gold.

It would be both the letter and gold, actually, which I think would be best for everyone

There is no automatic suspension from right-click player reports. Why would Blizzard implement an automatic suspension system that has never been shown to be effective against bots, and apparently can only be used when a large group of players conspire to falsely report someone? There are thousands of people streaming their gameplay; any incident where it appeared to be an automatic suspension from player reports is a coincidence. Coincidences do happen.

There is no automatic silence from right-click reports. There is an automatic squelch when a threshold is met on a report by time basis. After a player is squelched (chat muted), the squelch is either removed or upgraded into a silence after GM review. The automatic squelch has existed since May of 2007. The silence penalty was introduced in the Legion pre-patch in 2016.

yeah, this is a system that couldn’t be abused now could it lol.


… you would loose that much gold is you ‘mistakenly’ report somebody.

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Giving gold for a bot actually being banned after reporting them is what makes sense.

For sure, theres definitely gotta be a deterrent for reporting non botters or else this system should never exist

I still don’t think having the payout be less if you’re on a low level character is a good idea.

This is similar to the idea of paying a bounty for information on criminal whereabouts; you should get the same amount no matter what character you report on.

If it ends up being really efficient gold for low levels to report bots, good. That’s the whole idea, isn’t it?

Why not make it a % of the bots gold? Would seem to be a better incentive. If the bot just got done doing a good 12hr shift of farming that could be a good chunk of gold.

We all know no matter what when gold is involve players are gonna find a way to abuse the hell out of it, like reporting the same bots on 50 different characters, but I guess they could make so those gold reward are only sent to the first character who reported it, but hey there is a lot of ways they could potential make this work or you know…

They could hire few people to go on all servers and layers to find and ban bot on the spot all day but that would cost Blizzard money so it won’t happen.

Then people would organize and give as much gold as they can to few bots and all report it to maximize gold earn.

Most forms of abuse can be solved with just 1 report = 1 botter banned, gold payout awarded. No multi reports on one botter should give all of them the reward

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Exactly, only the first report gets the reward. All others get a “Thank you, but this bot was already reported and the reward distributed”

That would fix the abuse issue. Would also encourage players to report bots promptly.

Heck, they could have fun with it. Make a poster “Wanted dead or alive! BOTS, 50% gold reward”

I always add bots that I report to my friends list to see if my reporting efforts have had any effect. I’ve gotten a few in-game mails from Blizzard stating that my reporting has lead to action taken, but I always see the bots that I added come online every day. So Blizzard are either lying or the bots are being punished in ways I’m not aware of. :man_shrugging:

It would require a bunch of accounting and stats from each bot banned to make that happen. KISS

also bots usually don’t hold that much gold in their bags, sells it quick to make real world money. That way they don’t get banned and lose profit

I like what you want to do with this but… as some others have said; it can be abused :frowning:

Also, I feel as if reports aren’t the problem. I think it’s the amount of GMs they have actively answering said reports but I have no source. Just an opinion. Also I can confirm, I’ve had the same in-game mail for action being taken against bots.