@Girth <Primordial>

I like to imagine your raid leader yelled at you for coming back and getting camped for 40 minutes.

Please confirm.

The best part about raiding with Primordial, is that after 40 minutes you’re only missing one boss.


Since when have we EVER been able to run back from trash wipes in under 40 minutes?

flippin LOOOL

Best reply

If you want to transfer Alliance, we’ll take you in.

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I should get an honorary discord invite just so I can read aloud some of the whispers I was getting.

@some druid with Tier 2 helmet
@some dwarf priest with Benediction and Tier 1 shoulders? Dazingsuck? Davesucks? Dwarvessuck? something like that.

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I got a weird name so what

Add me. Xulivan#1620. Most of us are in discord atm.

Didn’t work, homie.