Gimmi back my nameplate distance


why are they hotfixing this? whats the point of a garbage 20 yard nameplate. at MINIMUM it should be 41 yards just to accomodate for casters, hunters, etc. maybe 100 yards is too many but 40-60 is fine. 20 is too short. proof in vanilla here:

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100% agree. 20 yards is way too short.

Otoh it was 20 yards in actual vanilla.


that video was in vanilla, peep it - there are more, i dont think it was 20 at all, pause at like 2:26, you can see its at least 30-40 yards there… i think its 20 naturally but once in combat seems to stretch to that 41 yard thing, but not 100 yards.


agreed, no reason for it to be so short

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You are correct. I misread the notes about this.

Original vanilla nameplates very well could have been over 20 yards.

Heres the wowhead news post

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I like it short. It’s better for pvp as you can hide behind terrain better without being seen.


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Those all look like 20 to me.


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1:31, nameplate appears. That is 100% 20 yards, at that distance a warrior could charge, more than that and he wouldn’t be able.

If you think that mob is at maximum range a hunter could attack while talented, then you are blind.


Come now, do level 10 shoulders even exist? We all know the forums dont update unless you manually do it.


Peep timestamp at 1:36 or see screenshot here:

Also, this is just one video of many, there are several more - just do your own research.

Let it be known, the max nameplate visibility distance was never capped at 20 yards, 30 yards or even 40 yards. Obviously the devs know this, but they want to push their own agenda.


My character updates every time I post. Don’t really have to do anything for the level to be updated.


Mine doesn’t. For a lot of other people it doesn’t either. It only updates when we log out of the forums and log back in.


Looks like 20 yards to me, just an odd camera angle.


Oh well yea I’m doing that but not intentionally. I’m at work so I have to re-login every day if I post from here. Didn’t even know that was doing it lol!


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