Gift of Ursine Vengeance Still Dropping Stacks Randomly

The Trinket Gift of Ursine Vengeance is still dropping stacks when in a party or raid while playing on my Guardian Druid. It seems to be related other players getting hit.

How it is intended to work: Swipe at the nearest enemy for X physical damage and gain 1 stack of Rising Rage whenever you or an ally takes damage, granting Y agility and stacking up to 30 times. This effect may occur every 3 sec.

How it is bugged: I will gain 1 or 2 stacks of the Rising Rage buff and then buff will clear and a new stack will start from 1. This happens in combat and the buff lasts for 60 seconds so it should not be clearing randomly.


Yes. Same for me on my BDK. I will have over 600 stacks accumulated in a key, but have only procced fury of urctos 1-4 times… please fix this trinket blizz. The trinket is literally worthless in its current state.


I can confirm its still bugged. Ill have a 90% uptime on stacks with zero procs in a dungeon - have checked timelines in logs multiple times and seen it drop off during combat (while im tanking, and definitely taking damage). I have also seen stacks drop off around 20-30 seconds remaining on the buff. Not sure if its a class related thing, but im a prot warrior.

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Bugged for me as well as Vengeance DH, below is a log that has 2 Galakrond’s Falls, one DH (20 minute dungeon) and Brewmaster (30 minute dungeon). Brewmaster’s stacks drop when a party member dies, also when taking portals (this is probably fine). Though I have no idea why I do not gain stacks and it just randomly falls off. Also “Whenever you or an ally takes damage.” is misleading, it’s clearly only on auto attack damage and not all damage. Please fix the trinket and probably reword it to avoid confusion if it’s not meant to proc on all damage.



Adding on to bump this post.

Wore this trinket for some Heroic raid, and then a couple mythic plus runs.

Ran a 19 Atal’Dazar and had exactly zero procs of Fury of Urctos somehow. The Rising Rage would gain stacks and then periodically fall off, resetting to 1.

This can be seen in this log:

Additionally we did some testing with the tank target dummy. While soloing the dummy, the stacks never fell off, and I could proc Fury of Urctos reliably. We did additional testing in a party. I would gain stacks of Rising Rage up to ~10, and then a party member would stand next to the dummy and I would move out of range while staying in combat. As soon as the party member took damage it would proc, but reset the stacks of Rising Rage back to 1.

It appears that the issue is related to the “when party members take damage” functionality.

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Also adding that the trinket does no damage to Volcross at all.

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Still happening, so bumping this.


Prot war here, full clear, never saw Fury proc once. Highest stack count I see in logs is 21.

Wanted to add that it works against a target dummy solo in Valdrakken

same have trinket at 473 barely procs stacks and never completes that actual 30 stack dmg /healing output its supposed to do . Have multiple logs showing it barely doing anything outside the swipe dmg from gaining stacks.

Does ZERO healing at all even though this thing should be healing quite a bit through a key

Also drops randomly even though shows timer remaining is x seconds left

noticed that as well on my heroic kill on tuesday

I’m the brew. Bumping this as it’s still not working as of 11.26.23

Checking logs from my raid and can confirm, myself and my cotank both use the trinket and neither of us got a single full 30 stack on a 5 1/2 minute Smolderon fight. Nothing on any boss or m+ run either as of today

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Stacks still dropping. Did a 19 WCM and did not proc once. This is really a bummer.

Confirmed to still be bugged as of 11/29/23
Works on a tank dummy
But in party, stacks fall off when others take damage.
Pressing invoke niuzao as brewmaster also causes stacks to fall off.

Bump, broken.

Seems to be fixed, thanks.