GG Heartseeker

It’s been a fun ride, one of the best servers for pvp. The wpvp pre-bg’s was phenomenal…however it’s time to part ways. Horde side dies next week, one love

whats happening next week?

Hordes moving to a different server

are people just paying to transfer?

Yup yup, blizzard take my money

wait, wait wait.

Help us open the AQ gates before you bail, plx.

Tank my ud strat runs and we got a deal

That sucks but you gotta do what you gotta do. it’s definitely no fun when the faction balance is so uneven. Really wish the would merge servers with such huge one sided ratios

you ally gonna have a hard time opening AQ gate with 1-2 guilds left on horde in the next 2 weeks. its gonna get ugly, but we only have blizz to blame.

not really a faction balance issue anymore, its pure dead on horde side and to play with others you need to move. They need to merge to fix it for servers that have a dead faction.

How ironic is it that Blizzard created this mess but people are willing to pay them even more money to escape.

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People need to understand that this is what is making them money- the way they handled free xfers early wasn’t a mistake, it wasn’t Blizz being clueless.

It was Blizz being brilliant at what they do, make money. I’d be willing to bet in the months since they brought out xfers they’ve made more off them than they have on subs, as entire servers clear out and players fork out a year’s sub worth of cash for xfers of their mains and top alts.

And once one faction dies the other side starts to leave too- Stalagg is always going to be a 99-1 ratio server, but dozens of Horde guilds have left too lately.

HS, you’re just as doomed.

It’s why I just stopped playing. Blizzard isn’t getting one more penny from me until they can prove that they have any level of competence. Once BGs were released everything died on these forums, but I can’t say I didn’t have fun before then.

I hope they open their eyes and merge stalagg and heartseeker


Reforged is sticking it out for the long haul. We are hoping the Alliance of Heartseeker will let us farm the materials required.
Otherwise, we won’t work towards opening the gates and I’ll just vendor all the mats I have been saving up for AQ.

How kind of you will you accept outside help from the blue team?

We’d have to if y’all want to open them in a timely manner. Otherwise it’s transfers.

Knowing you were one of the gankers on the server, I can’t say i’m too upset

But server balance is a joke, sorry to see the horde dwindle so much, like alliance on all other pvp servers

I’ll miss you too <3

Pathetic Cowards! I hope you have a great time actually being able to enjoy the game. They should of named this server Heartbreakers.